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EU legislation threatens use of MRI scanners
Urgent action and public pressure is still required to stop the European Union adopting legislation which will restrict the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners throughout Europe, according to the UK's Institute of Physics. 22 December 2008

fMRI shows robotic hand exerciser improves brain function of stroke patients
Chronic stroke patients can be rehabilitated by a hand-operated robotic device, according to a study that used functional magnetic resonance scans (fMRI) to map changes in the brain. 10 December 2008

New molecular imaging technique targets hard to detect breast cancers
Breast-specific gamma imaging (BSGI), an emerging molecular imaging technology, is effective in the detection of cancers not found on mammograms or by clinical exam. 10 December 2008

Mathematical breakthrough could remove donuts from MRI scanners
Researchers in Ohio and France have solved a longstanding scientific mystery involving magnetic resonance — the physical phenomenon that allows the MRI scanners used by hospitals to take images of tissues deep within the human body. Their discovery, a new mathematical algorithm, should lead to new MRI techniques with more informative and sharper images. 8 December 2008

IBM breaks new ground with open-standard medical imaging and archiving solutions
IBM has unveiled a powerful combination of advanced imaging and information archiving technologies that provides healthcare and medical research organisations with complete and timely access to critical imaging and diagnostic information at the point of care — regardless of the source, age or location of the information. 8 December 2008

Medtronic gains EU approval for world's first MRI-safe pacemaker
Medtronic, Inc., has received the CE mark for the first-ever MR-conditional pacemaker system, the EnRhythm MRI SureScan pacemaker and CapSureFix MRI SureScan pacing leads (Model 5086MRI). 4 December 2008

Computer model improves design of ultrasound transducer
Researcher Koos Huijssen of the Delft University of Technology has developed a computer model that can predict the sound transmission of improved designs for ultrasound transducers. It will lead to better imaging for ultrasound scanners. 4 December 2008

Houston doctor launches online auction for teleradiology services
Telerays is a web-based auction approach to contracting out teleradiology services where facilities that need radiology interpretation services put the work up for bid to be awarded to the lowest bidder. 20 November 2008

Musgrove Hospital extends cardiac procedures with new imaging system
Musgrove Hospital in Southwest England has installed a floor-mounted AXIOM Artis zee interventional cardiac imaging system from Siemens for coronary angiography, angioplasty and cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT). 9 November 2008

UK leads worldwide sales of Siemens Ysio digital radiography system
The Siemens Ysio product team in the UK has achieved the highest number of sales worldwide of the new digital radiography (DR) system with wireless detector. 9 November 2008

Alzheimer Research Forum releases overview of Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
The Alzheimer Research Forum (Alzforum), an authoritative Web resource, is releasing a six-part series on the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI), the largest study ever to fill a central knowledge gap in the Alzheimer disease field. 2 November 2008

Sectra and DIPS co-operate to provide IT systems for Norwegian hospitals. 1 Nov 2008

Philips and King's College London to collaborate on research into heart disease
Philips and King’s College London will develop new medical imaging research projects with a particular focus on cardiology and cardiac electrophysiology. An area of focus will be on combining different imaging technologies, such as X-ray, MRI, ultrasound and CT, to help doctors navigate their way through a patient’s heart during minimal-invasive procedures. 20 October 2008

GE Healthcare and Boston Scientific collaborate on cardiovascular imaging
GE Healthcare and Boston Scientific Corporation have announced a collaboration that enables improved intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) workflow between the GE Healthcare Innova Cardiovascular x-ray system and the Boston Scientific iLab ultrasound imaging system. 14 October 2008

Simple ultrasound test shows promise for detecting blood clots in leg
A comparison of two diagnostic methods used to detect deep vein thrombosis (DVT; a blood clot in a deep vein in the leg or thigh) of the lower extremities indicates that a simpler method, with wider availability, has rates of DVT detection that are equivalent to a more complex method, according to a study in the October 8 issue of JAMA. 16 October 2008

Optics meets medicine at US Optical Society meeting
A few of the many technical highlights to be discussed at the meeting: a new look at mini-strokes; a potential new tool for brain surgeons; new technique for mapping blood supply in retina increases safety and comfort of exams; the optics of Alzheimer's disease; potential non-invasive optical detection of pancreatic cancer; the neuron microscope, treating bone cancer and futuristic lighting at FiO. 16 October 2008

GE Healthcare and Boston Scientific collaborate on cardiovascular imaging
GE Healthcare and Boston Scientific Corporation have announced a collaboration that enables improved intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) workflow between the GE Healthcare Innova Cardiovascular x-ray system and the Boston Scientific iLab ultrasound imaging system. 14 October 2008

Deep Breeze announces latest results on vibration response imaging (VRI)
Deep Breeze Ltd, developer of pulmonary imaging technology, vibration response imaging (VRI), has announced the latest study results comparing VRI to conventional procedures of assessing regional lung function measurement. 10 October 2008

Simbionix launches patient-specific simulation system for surgeons
Simbionix has launched the PROcedure Rehearsal Studio which creates a digital 3D model of a patient’s clinically relevant anatomy from CT and MRI scan data and enables surgeons to create practice scenarios based on their patient's unique pathology and anatomy. 7 October 2008

New imaging technique for rare thyroid cancer
A new imaging approach for identifying a rare form of thyroid cancer that is typically hard to diagnose has been developed by researchers at the University of Iowa. 6 October 2008

Philips in partnership with University of Urbino to develop magnetic nanoparticle contrast agents for blood cells
Philips Research and the University of Urbino (Urbino, Italy) have signed a research agreement to study the encapsulation of magnetic nanoparticle contrast agents inside living blood cells to prolong the retention time of these agents in the blood. 29 September 2008

GE Healthcare gains FDA approval for diagnostic imaging agent for detecting neuroendocrine tumours
GE Healthcare's AdreView is a molecular imaging agent that provides high quality images that allow physicians to detect tumours, both at the time of initial diagnosis and at later examinations when relapse or recurrence is suspected. 28 September 2008

Brain scans show optimal times for multitasking
Multitasking has become an increasingly necessary part of our daily lives, but it is a notoriously inefficient way of working. However, a new brain imaging study finds that there are optimal times when we are better suited to multitask. 17 September 2008

Diagnostic imaging tests across Europe disrupted by isotope shortage
The closure of three European nuclear reactors producing medical isotopes is causing a worldwide shortage of the isotopes and limiting European hospitals to between 20% and 40% of their usual nuclear medicine activities, the European Association of Nuclear Medicine has warned. 8 September 2008

Medicsight's colonography analysis software receives Brazilian regulatory approval
Medicsight PLC, the London-based developer of computer-aided detection and medical image analysis software has received approval from the Brazilian regulatory agency, Agencia Nacional de Vigilancia Sanitaria (ANVISA), for its ColonCAD software. 3 September 2008

Philips introduces HD15 ultrasound system for smaller healthcare facilities
The HD15 ultrasound system is a new platform designed to deliver an advanced level of image clarity for a broad range of applications for everyday use in small hospitals, clinics and private practices. 30 July 2008

Agfa and GE demonstrate interoperability of globally distributed PACS
CT scans were shared over the internet, at the UK Radiological Congress (UKRC) In Birmingham, between Agfa and GE PACS with interaction with systems in France and the US. 30 July 2008

Northumbria Healthcare Trust takes ultrasound to Kilimanjaro Medical Centre
Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, a group of ten hospitals in Northeast England, has taken a Siemens Acuson P10 ultrasound scanner to the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) in Tanzania to perform obstetric scanning during a healthcare link project. 17 July 2008

Agfa HealthCare integrates OrthoView into IMPAX
Agfa HealthCare and Southampton, UK based Meridian Technique Ltd have signed an agreement to integrate Meridian's orthopaedic digital planning solution, OrthoView, into Agfa HealthCare's IMPAX for Orthopaedics solution. 17 July 2008

New PET imaging chemical gives 3-D image of immune response in action
A new PET marker chemical enables scientists to monitor the immune system at the whole body level in 3D, as it tries to fight some cancers or when it goes awry as it does in autoimmune diseases. The advance will allow scientists to model and measure the immune system in action and monitor response to new therapies. 29 June 2008

Definiens unveils new laboratory and medical image analysis platform
Definiens has introduced a new multi-dimensional image analysis platform, the Definiens XD. Software applications built on the platform extract previously unattainable levels of volumetric and morphological intelligence from digital data. 26 June 2008

The magnetic pill cameraMagnetic pill camera can be steered and stopped in body
A new pill camera developed by European and Israeli researchers can be steered and stopped where desired, even in the oesophagus, where pill cameras normally pass through rapidly. 18 June 2008

Brain imaging identifies ways to help stroke patients regain speech
An important breakthrough in understanding how the brain works could help stroke patients to regain their speech. The new study shows that brains of stroke sufferers may have to 'relearn' how to put together different types of information in order to understand speech by using different parts of the brain to compensate for damaged areas. 6 June 2008

Endoscopic probe can detect whether polyp in colon is benign
An endoscopic probe that can tell whether or not a cell living within the human body is veering towards cancer development may revolutionize how future colonoscopies are done, say researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. 2 June 2008

New endoscopic device improves detection of polyps in colon
A multi-institutional study has shown that a new device, the 'third eye retroscope' developed by Avantis Medical Systems, improves the ability of physicians to visualize abnormalities in the colon. 2 June 2008

UK Health Protection Agency to study health effects of MRI scanners
The UK Health Protection Agency has announced its intention to study the potential harmful effects on patients and medical staff of the high magnetic fields generated by magnetic resonance imaging machines. 22 May 2008

GE Healthcare adds M*Modal's speech understanding technology to radiology reporting
GE Healthcare has announced a partnership agreement with M*Modal to integrate its advanced speech understanding solutions into GE's Centricity radiology information system reporting module. 21 May 2008

Sorin Group to use Greatbatch’s MRI-safe technology in cardiac devices
The Sorin Group has announced that it intends to use technology from Greatbatch Inc to accelerate its programme to make its cardiac rhythm management (CRM) systems MRI compatible. 21 May 2008

Interventional imaging system installed at Bradford Royal Infirmary
Bradford Royal Infirmary in northern England has installed a ceiling mounted Artis zee from Siemens. It will primarily be used for embolisations, endovascular aneurysm repairs, angiograms, angioplasty and fistulas. 15 May 2008

GE to supply Merck with molecular imaging agent for respiratory drug development
GE Healthcare has signed a non-exclusive agreement with Merck & Co., Inc. to share Spin Signal Technology (SST) utilizing hyperpolarized Xenon 129 gas, a molecular imaging agent that can provide high speed, quantitative imaging of the lung using MRI. 14 May 2008

Volcano Corp announces first human use of imaging catheter
The OCT imaging platform provides high-resolution images in the 10-15 micron range, opening the door for new applications to complement both IVUS and angiography. 12 May 2008

Mobilis launches compact ultrasound scanners in UK
Medical equipment and services provider Mobilis Healthcare has introduced a range of low cost portable ultrasound scanners into the UK market. 8 May 2008

Central storage of diagnostic imaging for 33 Ontario hospitals
Agfa HealthCare and Canadian firm Teranet are to provide and host a new diagnostic imaging data centre and virtual private network service for 33 hospital sites across Ontario. 11 April 2008

3mensio Medical Imaging receives EU approval for vascular imaging workstation. 11 April 2008

Dr Carmen Martinez viewing radiology imagesMultimedia PACS networks healthcare services on the Balearic Islands
All public hospitals and about 80 primary health centres in the Spanish region Islas Baleares are building the foundation of a health service network which is unique in Europe for its scope and depth of integration. 8 April 2008

TomTec announces cardiology PACS
TomTec Imaging Systems, a Munich-based producer of 3D/4D ultrasound and echocardiography information management systems, has announced it will launch a cardiology picture archiving and communication system (PACS) in 2008. 7 April 2008

SonoSite handheld ultrasound receives design award
SonoSite, Inc., a specialist in point-of-care, handheld ultrasound, has received a design award from the International Forum (iF) for its new S-Nerve ultrasound device. 28 March 2008

MRI can non-invasively characterise brain tumours
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology has the potential to non-invasively characterise tumours and determine which of them may be responsive to specific forms of treatment, based on their specific molecular properties. 24 March 2008

Siemens introduces dual energy applications to SOMATOM Definition Siemens Healthcare has announced US market clearance of four new applications aimed at simplifying the diagnosis of diseases of the heart, brain, lungs, and extremity joints. 19 March 2008

IMIX Americas launches low-cost digital radiology range in Europe
The IMIX Insight line of full-featured, affordable digital radiography (DR) products addresses general radiography and orthopaedic imaging applications. 19 march 2008

Mercury introduces new applications for Visage clinical imaging solutions
Mercury Computer Systems introduced the enhanced Visage product family with integrated clinical applications at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna last week. 19 March 2008

3D medical imaging solutions becoming more affordable in Europe
3D imaging has become one of the highest growth segments in the field of medical imaging and the European 3D imaging market is expanding as applications become increasingly affordable, according to a new report from Frost & Sullivan. 11 March 2008

Acceleware launches CT image reconstruction solution
Acceleware Corp. has moved into the medical image processing market with the launch the AxRecon computed tompography image reconstruction solution. It accelerates the reconstruction of image data and improves the quality of images without disrupting current workflow. 11 March 2008

GE Healthcare sole supplier of MRI technology at Beijing Olympics
Two of GE Healthcare’s Signa HDe 1.5T MRI systems will be installed at the Olympic Village General Hospital and be accessible to be used on all international competing athletes during the Games. 7 March 2008

iCAD introduces mammography film digitizer
Medical imaging solutions company iCAD, Inc. (NASDAQ:ICAD), has launched the TotalLook MammoAdvantage system that converts prior mammography films to digital images for comparative review on a single digital review workstation. 6 March 2008

Capsule endoscopy can detect intestinal damage from celiac disease
Mayo Clinic researchers in the US have found that endoscopy using a pill-sized capsule, containing a miniature colour video camera, light, battery and transmitter, can help physicians detect and diagnose celiac disease, as well as measure intestinal healing following treatment. 6 March 2008

Siemens launches MR & CT innovations in UK
Siemens launched its latest CT and MRI imaging products in the UK. A high-field 3T MRI system, the Magnetom Verio and an adaptable single-source CT, the Somatom Definition AS, have been designed to offer advanced imaging functionality at a viable capital cost for the UK health marketplace. 21 February 2008

Radiologists feel virtual organs with 3D mouse
Researchers at Uppsala University have developed a method of analysing images of organs and 'feeling' the resulting virtual organs with a 3D mouse. This can help construct three-dimensional models of organs when surgery or radiation treatment is being planned. 20 February 2008

Great Ormond Street Hospital opens innovative new diagnostic imaging centre for children
The new facility has been developed to provide a state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging and interventional treatment service whilst ensuring comfort for its young patients. 15 February 2008

OCT image of cancerous tissueMichelson Diagnostics announces successful OCT imaging of oral cancer tissue
The tests, conducted by University College Hospital, London, show that the company's optical coherence tomography imaging technology could revolutionise head and neck cancer diagnosis and treatment. 25 January

Zonare ranked top in portable ultrasound systems
Zonare Medical Systems has been ranked Best in KLAS as the top hand carried ultrasound vendor in the KLAS Top20: Year-End Report for 2007. 16 January 2008

Brain imaging of autistic children shows malfunctioning grey matter
A novel imaging technique has been used to discover malfunctioning grey matter in autistic children in the brain areas that govern social processing and learning by observation. 10 January 2008

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