Interventional imaging system installed at Bradford Royal Infirmary

15 May 2008

Bradford Royal Infirmary in northern England has installed a ceiling mounted Artis zee from Siemens. The new equipment replaces an 11 year old interventional unit and joins another Siemens system, the Artis dMP, in the same department.

The Artis zee will primarily be used for embolisations, endovascular aneurysm repairs (EVAR), angiograms, angioplasty and fistulas. The flexibility of the Artis zee’s C-arm and flat detector are key benefits to the staff at the hospital.

The C-arm can be positioned on either side or at the head, allowing easy patient access, more flexible imaging and enabling a patient to be repositioned without irradiating. The flat detector can be set up in landscape or portrait positions and changed mid-patient, enabling different examinations to be carried out quickly and easily.

Consultants at Bradford Royal Infirmary have highlighted the monitors included with the system as a great advantage, providing extra convenience during procedures. Ultrasounds, PACS or CT images can be displayed, allowing a consultant to view while with a patient or taking a scan. The tilting tabletop has also assisted staff, making the insertion of dialysis catheters much easier.

“The solid performance of the existing Artis dMP and easy transfer of skills from one Siemens system to another, made the Artis zee a sensible choice,” said Kate Clough, Vascular Superintendent at Bradford Royal Infirmary.

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