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Wales gets world class life sciences business development centre
The Life Sciences Hub Wales was officially opened by Welsh Minister for Economy, Science and Transport, Edwina Hart on 17 July. The aim of the Hub, which is located in the Cardiff Bay area, is to create a vibrant life sciences ecosystem. 22 Jul 2014

Symbiosis between gut bacteria and immune system is key to health
The link between gut flora and immunity to diseases is more complex than the general view, according to research at the RIKEN Center. The immune system itself plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy gut flora, not just the other way round. 22 Jul 2014

New technique tests heart drugs on beating heart tissue samples
A researcher at Coventry University has developed a new way to test the effect of drugs on the heart by using samples of live heart tissue stimulated to beat by electrical impulses. 21 Jul 2014

Northumbria University trains Thai nurse trainers in use of 'SIM patients'
A delegation from Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health has visited Northumbria University, Newcastle, to learn how to use robotic patient mannequins for use in training nurses in colleges across the country. 14 Jul 2014

Miniature kidney dialysis machine can properly treat newborns for the first time
Italian scientists have developed a miniaturised kidney dialysis machine capable of treating the smallest babies, and have for the first time used it to safely treat a newborn baby with multiple organ failure. 14 Jul 2014

KTH designs device to sort cells by elasticity properties
Researchers at Sweden's KTH The Royal Institute of Technology have used computational simulations to propose a microfluidic device that can sort cells according to their elasticity. This could offer a more reliable alternative for detecting disease biomarkers. 14 Jul 2014

Decoding of tsetse fly genome opens way to new controls
An international research team from 78 research institutes in 18 countries, has published the DNA sequence of the tsetse fly, the carrier of the sleeping sickness parasite, following a 10-year project. 14 Jul 2014

Call for better resources to deal with Ebola virus outbreak in Sierra Leone
Researchers working in Sierra Leone  have written a letter to the Lancet calling for improvements in access to diagnostic technologies and health-care resources, as well as improved disease surveillance and health communication for dealing with the Ebola crisis. 8 Jul 2014

Plasmonic biosensors make highly sensitive diagnostic devices
A new type of highly-sensitive and low-cost sensor, called a plasmonic biosensor, could detect a range of biomarkers that diagnose diseases at an early stage. 8 Jul 2014

June 2014

Medtronic launches $17m programme to support chronic disease care for underserved populations
Medtronic has launched HealthRise, a five-year, US$17m Medtronic Philanthropy program that supports community-based demonstration projects specifically designed to expand access to care and management of chronic, non-communicable diseases. 24 Jun 2014

Endomagnetics completes acquisition of the ACT Portfolio
The ACT portfolio provides Endomagnetics with a cancer therapeutics platform while maintaining synergies with its magnetic nanoparticle technology. 24 June 2014

EU REACTION project develops diabetes management tools
The EU funded REACTION project has developed a set of software tools and devices to help both diabetes patients and medical staff better manage the condition. 24 Jun 2014

Exco InTouch and AstraZeneca develop ground-breaking mHealth system for COPD
Exco InTouch has announced that a collaboration with AstraZeneca has produced a ground-breaking mHealth program that improves condition management for patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 17 Jun 2014

Edwards Lifesciences reports good outcomes for Sapien 3 transcatheter aortic heart valve
Edwards Lifesciences has released clinical trials data on its most advanced transcatheter aortic heart valve, the Sapien 3. Results from the trial concluded that outcomes at 30 days were excellent. 

Wiley acquires drug discovery software developer SimBioSys
Specialist information provider and publisher John Wiley has announced that it has acquired SimBioSys Inc., a provider of scientific software tools that facilitate the drug discovery process. 12 Jun 2014

Novartis Foundation and Netherlands Leprosy Relief launch project to reduce leprosy
The Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development and Netherlands Leprosy Relief (NLR) are launching a project with national leprosy programs and other leprosy organisations to reduce the spread of leprosy worldwide. 11 Jun 2014

British Cardiovascular Society launches app to calculate heart age
The British Cardiovascular Society (BCS) has launched an app to calculate risk of heart attack or stroke and estimate heart age compared to the average equivalent person.

Exercise boosts diversity of gut bacteria
Exercise boosts the diversity of the bacteria found in the gut, according to a study of professional rugby players published online in the journal Gut. 11 Jun 2014

Synthetic Biologics and Enterome Bioscience to study impact of beta-lactam antibiotics on intestinal bacteria
Antibiotics developer Synthetic Biologics and gut microbiome specialist Enterome Bioscience SA will collaborate in genomic research on the effects of beta-lactam antibiotics on the gastrointestinal microflora of human patients. 11 Jun 2014

Clearbridge BioMedics launches device that isolates circulating tumour cells from blood
Clearbridge BioMedics has launched a new cancer diagnostic device, the ClearCell FX System, which is able to isolate and capture circulating tumour cells (CTCs) from a blood sample.

Adaptimmune announces partnership with GSK for cell-based cancer therapies
Adaptimmune Limited has announced  a multi-million dollar strategic collaboration and licensing agreement with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) for the development and commercialisation of its lead clinical cancer programme. 5 Jun 2014

Almac validates novel gene biomarker test for ovarian cancer patients
The company has announced the validated results of the ALM AADx assay, a gene expression test that identifies a subgroup ovarian cancer patients that have a good prognosis following chemotherapy. 5 Jun 2014

Pharma industry encouraged to adopt mobile solutions for clinical trials efficiency
Exco InTouch, a provider of patient engagement and data capture solutions for clinical research and healthcare providers, is championing the industry to adopt mobile electronic patient reported outcome. 5 Jun 2014

LayerWise wins GE’s global competition for 3D printing of metal parts
GE has chosen LayerWise as the winner of its worldwide open innovation challenge, the 3D Printing Production Quest, to produce complex medical imaging device parts with high precision. 4 Jun 2014

Provence Technologies acquires Synprosis
Marseille-based chemistry research company Provence Technologies Group has acquired Synprosis, a specialist in the chemical synthesis of peptides and proteins for therapeutic use. 4 Jun 2014

QuantuMDx closes $8.42m funding for prototyping handheld DNA diagnostics device
The Newcastle-based diagnostics developer has announced it has closed an $8.42m funding round syndicated with philanthropist private investors and the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. 4 Jun 2014

May 2014

European Medicines Agency backtracks on clinical trials data transparency
An editorial in The British Medical Journal has questioned why the European Medicines Agency has recently decided to backtrack on their decision for public access to clinical trial data. 29 May 2014

Implanted devices made from flexible transistors can wrap around body parts
Electronic devices that become soft when implanted inside the body can reshape to grip body parts, such as large tissues, nerves and blood vessels. 28 May 2014

GE and Tesla Engineering to produce ultra high strength MRI scanners
GE Healthcare and Tesla Engineering Ltd. have announced that they will collaborate to produce ultra high field 7.0 tesla whole-body MRI scanners for scientific and medical research. 28 May 2014

microRNAs play critical role in healing intestinal wounds caused by chronic bowel diseases
A microRNA cluster believed to be important for suppressing colon cancer, plays a critical role in wound healing in the intestine, according to research at UT Southwestern Medical Center in the US. 28 May 2014

Bacteria in lungs protect against asthma
Whether or not people develop asthma may be determined in the first few weeks after birth according to a study of mice funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF).

Mayo Clinic launches 50-gene cancer panel test for more targeted chemotherapy
The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, US, has launched CANCP, a new gene panel cancer test to help tailor chemotherapy to the individual patient based on the unique genomic signature of the patient’s tumour. 21 May 2014

Sure Chill Company awarded $1.4 million to develop portable vaccine cooling box
The company has been awarded $1.4 million by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop an innovative long-life vaccine cooler for use in remote undeveloped places. 21 May 2014

New alliance to assess global treatment of retinopathy
A new project has been launched to assess the awareness and treatment of diabetic retinopathy across 40 countries to inform policy and practice related to the condition. 21 May 2014

Jellagen wins £550,000 investment to produce medical grade collagen
Jellagen Pty Ltd has announced a £550,000 equity investment led by Finance Wales with co-investment by six members of xénos, the Wales Business Angel Network and SWAIN. 21 May 2014

Film dressing prevents skin reaction during radiotherapy
Mepitel Film dressings prevent the development of painful skin ulcerations associated with breast cancer radiation therapy, according to a NEW study. 6 May 2014

MRI-guided biopsy for brain cancer improves diagnosis
Neurosurgeons at UC San Diego Heath System have combined real-time MRI technology with non-invasive cellular mapping techniques to develop a new biopsy method that increases the accuracy of brain cancer diagnosis. 6 May 2014

ValiRx cancer screening gene biomarker granted Japanese patent
ValiRx Plc has announced that NAV3, its cancer screening test gene biomarker has received patent approval by the Japanese patent office (JPO). 6 May 2014

Calcivis receives £1.3m investment for tooth decay assessment system
Oral health company Calcivis has received a UK Biomedical Catalyst award co-funding a £0.5m development programme and raised a further £0.8m in equity funding from existing investors. 2 May 2014

Enterome raises further €10 million funding for genotyping technology
Enterome Bioscience SA has raised €10m in the first tranche of a Series B fund raising to develop disease management solutions based on the gut microbiome. 2 May 2014

Cambridge University Hospitals invests £120m in medical and education centre
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CUHT) and John Laing have invested £120 million in The Forum, a mixed-use medical and education facility on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. 2 May 2014

April 2014

Smart skin patch wins French ‘Worldwide Innovation Challenge’ award
Rhenovia Pharma has announced that its SMARTT e-Patch project has won an award founded by the President of France to identify future champions in the French economy. 28 Apr 2014

Nanosensors detect cancer from breath
A collaboration of researchers in Switzerland and Japan has developed portable cancer detection units using coated nanocantilevers for diagnosis from breath. 25 Apr 2014

Codasip secures $2.8m investment for ASIP technology
Application-specific processor developer Codasip, has announced that it has closed its first round of public funding from Czech venture capital firm Credo Ventures. 25 Apr 2014

New vulnerability found in HIV virus gives potential for new vaccine
A new vulnerable site on the HIV virus that doesn't mutate or vary between strains has been identified by a team led by scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) working with the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI). 24 Apr 2014

Nanoparticle solution closes deep wounds in 30 seconds
A French research team has shown that an aqueous solution of nanoparticles can repair deep wounds in the skin and soft-tissue organs that normally tear when sutures (stitches) are applied. 24 Apr 2014

New method to keep leukaemia stem cells in culture will help drug discovery
Two new chemical compounds that can keep alive cultures of leukemic stem cells have been discovered by a team from Université de Montréal and Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital in Quebec, Canada. 15 April 2014

Nottingham University develops hydrogel for growing heart tissue from stem cells
A multidisciplinary team at Nottingham University has developed a new hydrogel that could simplify the production of stem cells and their differentiation into specific tissues for use in regenerative medicine. 15 April 2014

New EU rules on clinical trials data aimed at preventing Tamiflu and other scandals
New rules on making clinical trials data available for public scrutiny were voted through by the European Parliament this month. 15 April 2014

Quantum Imaging secures £1.6m funding to develop portable magnetometry device
The company has secured a £1.6m investment by IP Group and the University of Leeds to enable the development of a portable medical imaging device based on its magnetometry technology. 9 April 2014

Call for clearer direction on use of whole-genome sequencing for newborn screening
Ethical, legal and social issues of whole-genome sequencing should be debated before adopting it in public-health programs that screen newborns for rare conditions, say researchers at McGill University. 9 April 2014

Gel coating for implants promotes bone growth
A new gel coating for titanium implants developed at Uppsala University, Sweden improves their integration into bone and prevents rejection. 4 April 2014

Injectable pressure sensor detects full bladders for people suffering neurological disease
A small pressure sensor developed by SINTEF in Norway can help people suffering from a neurological disease that affects control of the bladder and can lead to a life threatening situation. 4 April 2014

Alzheimer's study to look at link to lifestyle and genetics in 1 million people
A global study led by Cardiff University will combine multiple epidemiological studies to explore the relationship between genetics and lifestyle in the development of Alzheimer’s disease and help develop personalised treatments.

TI Pharma joins consortium in €7.8m project tackling neglected parasitic diseases
An international group of academic institutions and companies is joining forces to develop novel drugs against parasites in an EU-funded project led by VU University Amsterdam. 4 April 2014

GE Healthcare to acquire operating room management system provider CHCA
GE Healthcare has announced that it will acquire CHCA Computer Systems Inc., a Canadian operating room (OR) management and analytics solutions provider. 4 April 2014

Second Sight's retinal prosthesis system approved for reimbursement in France
The Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System has become the first recipient of the French Government's 'Forfait Innovation' programme for reimbursement of innovative treatments. 2 April 2014

Nerve protein in blood shows extent of brain damage following concussion
Elevated blood levels of tau, a nerve cell protein, indicates the extent of brain damage from concussion, according to research at Sahlgrenska Academy in Sweden. 1 April 2014

Common sleeping pills and anti-anxiety drugs linked to increase in mortality
A large study by the University of Warwick has shown that several anti-anxiety drugs and sleeping pills are associated with a doubling in the risk of mortality. 1 April 2014

Large variation in quality of health care within and between European countries
Sweden, Italy and Norway have high quality health services overall, according to the EuroHOPE project, but quality and costs vary widely both between and within countries. 1 April 2014

Long-term study shows vegetables and fruit are the key to long life
A study looking at eating habits and mortality in a large population sample in England has shown that the more vegetables and fruit you eat the longer you live. 1 April 2014

March 2014

Adaptimmune awarded £2.1m for T cell cancer therapy development
Adaptimmune has been awarded a grant of £2.1 million from the UK Biomedical Catalyst Fund for the development of its second engineered T cell therapy programme into the clinic in triple negative breast cancer. 28 Mar 2014

Exco InTouch to unveil partner network at Partnerships in Clinical Trials Congress
Exco InTouch, a provider of patient engagement and data capture solutions, will unveil the Exco Valued Partner Network at the Congress in Las Vegas this week (30 March - 2 April 2014). 28 Mar 2014

Amputees in Action simulates extreme casualty situations for medical training
Amputees in Action, the UK’s largest provider of amputee actors and special effects artists, is extending its medical training expertise to cover extreme working environments. 20 Mar 2014

Endomagnetics wins business award for breast cancer treatment product
Cambridge-based Endomagnetics has been given the award for Best New Product or Business Model in this year’s Business Weekly awards for companies in the East of England. 20 Mar 2014

Health science network for North West England launched
The North West Coast Academic Health Science Network (NWC AHSN), one of 15 such networks in England, has officially launched with an event to connect healthcare, academia and industry in the region. 20 Mar 2014

Philips launches sleep promotion initiative
Philips has announced its Sleep Powers initiative for 2014, in support of World Sleep Day, to promote increased awareness of and education around the benefits of sleep and the important role it plays in our well being. 20 Mar 2014

Vodafone and AstraZeneca in partnership to provide mobile health services for cardiovascular patients
Vodafone and AstraZeneca have announced a global partnership to use Vodafone's mobile technology and systems to help cardiovascular patients and their healthcare professionals manage their care. 13 Mar 2014

Welsh graphene company to raise £10m on UK AIM to fund large scale production
South Wales graphene company Haydale has announced plans to raise up to £10 million ($16.6 million) via an IPO on the UK's Alternative Investment Market to fund development of its cold plasma based mass-production system. 18 Mar 2014

Motorbike crash survivor’s face reconstructed with 3D printed titanium implant
A specialist team at the Morriston Hospital in Swansea has successfully implanted a specially designed and printed titanium cheek bone and eye socket for a badly injured motorcyclist. 17 Mar 2014

Incanthera acquires second cancer drug pipeline with takeover of Onco-NX
The deal will see the companies combine their expertise in targeted anti-cancer drugs, to develop a ground-breaking, therapeutics pipeline. 13 Mar 2014

Boston Scientific's REBEL coronary stent system receives CE mark
The REBEL Platinum Chromium Coronary Stent System is the company's latest generation bare metal stent for the treatment of coronary artery disease (CAD). 13 Mar 2014

Partnership to develop mobile health platform to support independent living
HMA Digital Marketing, the Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare (CATCH) at the University of Sheffield, and Tunstall Healthcare are collaborating to develop 'mHealth Assist', a mobile health platform. 13 Mar 2014

Blood test could predict Alzheimer's three years in advance of symptoms showing
A team of US researchers is patenting a blood test for Alzheimer's or mild cognitive impairment (MCI) based on 10 lipid biomarkers associated with the diseases. 10 March 2014

Trial of 'digital medicines' in the north of England
The Northern Health Science Alliance (NHSA) is working with US company Proteus Digital Health to test if taking pills with ingestible sensors can help patients take medicines properly.

Novel technique identifies breast cancer tissue using non-coding RNA markers
The presence of small non-coding sections of the nucleic acid RNA in breast tissue can be used to predict if individuals have breast cancer, according to new findings by the Cancer Genome Atlas project. 6 Mar 2014

Newly discovered hormone released after exercise could indicate biological age
Scientists from Aston University (UK) have discovered a potential molecular link between Irisin, a recently identified hormone released from muscle after exercise, and the ageing process. 6 Mar 2014

EuroHeart II project shows €196bn annual cost of cardiovascular disease in Europe
The EU-funded EuroHeart II Project  was completed at the end of February after three years of research into current cardiovascular disease trends and analysis of EU-wide CVD prevention policies. 4 March 2014

Difference in blood pressure between arms indicates future heart problems
New research shows that a 10mm Hg difference in blood pressure between arms indicates a significant increased risk for future cardiovascular events. 4 March 2014

High blood pressure is an epidemic as devastating as HIV
The response of most governments and international aid agencies to high blood pressure, or hypertension, is little better than the reaction to HIV/AIDS 20 years ago — too little too late — according to an editorial in the International Journal of Epidemiology. 4 March 2014

February 2014

COPD patients remotely monitored at home in rural Scotland
Tunstall Healthcare has partnered with Putting you First to implement a remote monitoring service for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in the Annan area of Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. 28 Feb 2014

Philips offers electronic medication dispenser for home care in Benelux countries
Royal Philips has launched a home medication dispensing service with automated, compact dispensers loaded with personalized pre-packaged medication and a dedicated web-based IT connection to the patient’s care giver organisation and pharmacist. 28 Feb 2014

Nottingham University Hospitals redesign pathway for heart valve disease patients
Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) NHS Trust, has selected a specialist Valve Clinic system from McKesson to redesign the treatment pathway for patients with cardiac valve disease. 28 Feb 2014

Novartis calls for more research into rare diseases
In recognition of Rare Disease Day Novartis has called for a global exchange of ideas to improve the understanding of rare diseases and help address a significant unmet medical need. 28 Feb 2014

Stethoscopes have more bacterial contamination than doctors' hands
University of Geneva Hospitals has found the level of bacterial contamination on the diaphragm of stethoscopes is greater than on doctors’ hands, following a single physical examination. 28 February 2014

Genetic analysis of plaque on 1000-year-old teeth gives clues to ancient diet and disease
An international team of researchers has painstakingly pieced together genetic fragments preserved in the dental plaque of skeletons around 1,000 years old, indicating the bacteria present and food eaten by the person. 24 Feb 2014

Genetic analysis of 1500-year-old teeth gives clues to origins of the plague
Two of the world’s most devastating plagues – the plague of Justinian in the sixth century and the Black Death  — were caused by distinct strains of the same pathogen, according to a study of teeth from a Bavarian burial site. 24 Feb 2014

Roche HIV-1 dual genetic test given EU approval
Roche has announced that its dual-target HIV-1 qualitative test, v2.0 has received the CE Mark certifications, allowing it to be sold for clinical use in the EU. 24 Feb 2014

Alere launches 15-minute genetic test for influenza A and B in Europe
Point-of-care diagnostics company Alere Inc. has launched in Europe the Alere i Influenza A & B test, a molecular test that detects and differentiate influenza A and B virus in less than 15 minutes. 20 Feb 2014

ValiRx granted European patent for genetic-based cancer test
ValiRx Plc has been awarded patent approval by the European Patent Office for its cancer screening test NAV3, which uses a gene biomarker to detect specific cancers. 20 Feb 2014

Exco InTouch appoints new VP of operations
Exco InTouch has announced the appointment of Laurence Burke as Vice President of Operations. 20 Feb 2014

DDT exposure linked to Alzheimer's
A study by UT Southwestern Medical Center has found that exposure to DDT may lead to Alzheimer’s disease later in life. 19 Feb 2014

IMI launches €22.7m project targeting systemic autoimmune diseases
The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) has launched an new research project, called PRECISESADS, to use innovative diagnostic technology to relate systemic autoimmune disease (SAD) to detectable changes in individual molecular signatures. 18 Feb 2014

Health hazards from nanoparticles in common consumer products
Nanoparticles composed of titanium, chromium, manganese, iron, nickel, copper and zinc compounds that are used in many consumer products are toxic to human cells. 14 Feb 2014

Ability to digest fibre dependent on species of gut bacteria
Sweden's KTH Royal Institute of Technology has recently discovered how our ability to benefit from fibre is dependent on a group of bacteria called Bacteroidetes to digest the complex carbohydrates in the fibre. 11 Feb 2014

Histones may hold the key to the generation of totipotent stem cells
Researchers at  RIKEN in Japan have identified histone proteins that enhance the generation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) and may be the key to generating induced totipotent stem cells. 10 Feb 2014

Computer controlled movement of patient and radiotherapy can target tumour more precisely
Computer controlled movement of the patient on a radiotherapy couch with the 3D control of the radiation beam could deliver high doses to tumours while sparing nearby organs. 10 Feb 2014

Cardio3 BioSciences receives €4.0m investment for commercialisation of C-Cathez
Cardiac technology company Cardio3 BioSciences SA has received €4.0 million of funding from the Walloon Region of Belgium to commercialise its C-Cathez intra myocardial injection catheter in the US. 18 Feb 2014

Bone Therapeutics awarded €3.8 million research grant
Bone Therapeutics has been awarded a share of a Marie Curie grant totalling €3.8 million to develop bio-mimetic and bio-active materials. 6 Feb 2014

Synthelis raises €610,000 to develop manufacturing services for membrane proteins
Synthelis, a company specializing in the production and characterization of therapeutic targets and antigens, has secured initial backing of €610,000 from a group of French investors. 6 Feb 2014

Stratasys 3D printers verified by exocad for production of dental models
Stratasys has announced that exocad has verified its printers for the manufacture of physical dental models in the latest release of Model Creator software. 6 Feb 2014

Luton and Dunstable Hospitals install unified communications system
Luton & Dunstable University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has signed a five-year agreement with Unify, formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications, to provide a unified communications suite. 6 Feb 2014

Stem cells grown on scaffold of carbon nanotubes
Scientists from the University of Surrey and the University of California have developed a developed a technique to grow human stem cells on a scaffold of carbon nanotubes. 6 Feb 2014

Bubble trapped in graphene enables unprecedented imaging of hydrated protein molecules
A tiny water bubble trapped between two layers of graphene provides the key to taking nanoscale images of liquid samples in an electron microscope. 5 Feb 2014

Beating heart muscle created from embryonic stem cells
An international team led by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in the US has generated cardiac muscle tissue from human embryonic stem cells with remarkable similarities to native heart muscle, including the ability to beat. 5 Feb 2014

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics partners with Pfizer to develop diagnostic tests
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics and Pfizer are partnering to develop in vitro diagnostic tests for therapeutic products across Pfizer’s pipeline. 4 Feb 2014

MedaPhor supports ultrasound training in Rwanda and the Dominican Republic
Cardiff-based MedaPhor is working with US healthcare institutions to provide technical support to boost ultrasound skills in Rwanda and the Dominican Republic. 4 Feb 2014

Sheffield patient receives pioneering kidney treatment for high blood pressure
A patient at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has become one of the first in the world to have pioneering renal denervation therapy to reduce high blood pressure. in a kidney patient whose blood pressure could not be controlled with conventional medication. 4 Feb 2014

Fruit flies can smell cancers
Researchers from the Universities of Konstanz and La Sapienza have recorded the antennae of fruit flies detecting odours given off by cancer cells and distinguishing different types of cancer. 3 Feb 2014
In German: Fruchtfliegen können Krebs riechen

Mass spectrometry imaging can transform tissue pathology analysis
A team from Imperial College London has developed a method to analyse mass spectrometry data from a tissue sample to create a detailed map of its chemical composition. 3 Feb 2014

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