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Plasticell wins £1.3m funding for cord blood stem cell manufacturing project

Consort Medical signs multi–year supply agreement for drug dose counter system

TxCell receives €1m payment for Ovasave clinical trial

Exco InTouch set for further growth and expansion following £3.2m investment

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European research initiative to test novel treatments for Alzheimer's disease

Small intestine tissue grown from human stem cells

Rare disease genes of 1000 children analysed in UK project

Genetic analysis finds Ugandan whipworm parasite has three distinct groups

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Portable blood analyser detects Ebola virus in 75 minutes

Prostate cancer diagnosed from tissue sample in 90 seconds

FIND and QuantuMDx partner to develop rapid genome-based diagnostics for tuberculosis

Sound generated by knee joint shows extent of osteoarthritis

New technique to test for prostate cancer

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St George's Hospital starts trial of spiral blood flow technology for blood vessel graft

UK schools to get defibrillators to save children suffering cardiac arrest

Spiral blood flow improves success rate for vascular bypass surgery

Paris Public Hospitals Group and Magnisense partner to develop tests for cardiovascular diseases

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Critical & General care


Philips launches V680 critical care ventilator in Europe

Plant flavanols reverse age-related memory decline

Shorter treatment for tuberculosis improves success rate

New data on the global economic impact and burden of preventable blindness

Tenth of antibiotics prescribed by GPs over 22 years failed to cure patients

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Optical sensor measures blood glucose through skin

Smartphone-based remote monitoring system for pregnancy-related diabetes wins prize

Orgenesis receives patent for potential cure for type 1 diabetes

Low carbohydrate diet improves physical and general health of diabetes patients

Type-1 and type-2 diabetes are caused by the same hormone malfunction

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IT & Telecare

Oncology/ cancer

Sensor technologies and virtual reality are key to transforming healthcare 

Basildon and Thurrock Hospitals complete rollout of EMR system

New Bluetooth Smart profile for blood glucose monitors

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation supports cloud data system for connecting Ebola responders

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Cannabis extracts combined with radiation therapy improve brain cancer treatment

Diverse gut bacteria linked to reduced risk of breast cancer

Drug discovery system for cancer is failing patients, says leading expert

Philips and Breast Cancer Care launch breast-check mobile app

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Patient monitoring


Covidien achieves CE Mark for Nellcor SpO2 patient monitoring system

Remote monitoring of heart failure patients via implants halves mortality

Smartphones to be adapted to monitor and manage stress, nutrition and HIV infection

Western Sussex Hospitals to install acute kidney disease monitoring system

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Swedish life sciences cluster visits Life Sciences Hub Wales

Birmingham City University commits £10 million to tackling STEM skills shortage

UK invests £230m in stratified medicine, genomics and dementia research

Replikins Global Surveillance System claims current Ebola outbreak could have been predicted two years ago

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Prosthetic hand controlled through nerves has the lightest touch

Nottingham Trent University launches practical course for ocularists

Open Bionics 3D printed prosthetic hand reaches global finals of Intel competition

3D printing in reconstructive facial surgery hindered by reimbursement challenge

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Nanotechnology safety studies blasted for their bad science

VascuBone project develops toolbox for personalised bone regeneration

Nanotechnology safety studies blasted for bad science

Ablynx awarded €2.1m to develop nanobody treatment for eye disease

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Diagnostic imaging/ radiology

New nuclear and fluorescence imaging agent to guide cancer surgery

Haemostasis management device used in Afghanistan war zones approved by NICE

Motorbike crash survivor’s face reconstructed with 3D printed titanium implant

MRI mapping of nerve fibres helps brain surgeons preserve brain function

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Karolinska University Hospital awards GE contract to build PET tracer production facility

ICR develops avatars to display important cancer cell features to aid diagnosis

Combined MRI-PET imaging gives new insights to plaque formation in Alzheimer's disease

VascuBone project develops toolbox for personalised bone regeneration

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