Red Bag Solutions unveils ozone sterilization and maceration (OSM) system for bio-hazardous waste management

6 December 2011

Red Bag Solutions launched its new, patent-pending Ozone Sterilization and Maceration (OSM) system for bio-hazardous waste management at MEDICA 2011.

Ozone sterilization and maceration is more environmentally friendly and less costly than other bio-hazardous waste management alternatives.

Ozone is a powerful oxidant capable of destroying bacteria and viruses. OSM-processed waste is sterilized, safe, and unrecognizable. On-site OSM processing eliminates the potential liability associated with spills and mishandling during transport because OSM-processed material is guaranteed safe before it leaves the premises. It can be recycled or disposed of with ordinary municipal trash.

“The responsible and economical disposal of bio-hazardous waste presents an enormous challenge for the healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotech industries,” said Don Millard, CEO of Red Bag Solutions. “Our new OSM system represents a giant leap forward in sustainable bio-hazardous waste management.”

Red Bag OSM is designed to process:

  • Biological agents and infectious materials;
  • Needles, syringes and disposable surgical instruments;
  • Pathogens: bacterial, viral, fungi, prions or proteinaceous infectious agents;
  • Some pharmaceuticals;
  • Blood, blood products and body fluids;
  • Contaminated animal carcasses (less than 40 pounds) and bedding;
  • Contaminated plastics;
  • Sharps containers/needle boxes; and
  • Confidential media and proprietary materials.

Source: Red Bag OSM.


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