SPM responds to import of substandard surgical instruments into UK

20 July 2011

Following the BBC’s recent investigation into poor-quality imported surgical instruments being supplied to the NHS, Sheffield Precision Medical (SPM) has commented on the need to purchase high quality products.

The BBC's Panorama programme exposed equipment imported from Pakistan that could leave patients vulnerable to potentially life-threatening injury or infection and that many of these tools did not meet the most basic of regulations.

The programme found that the instruments failed the requirements of the NHS, with no audit trail and no regulatory history.

SPM is a technically advanced and innovative orthopaedic instrument manufacturer, which has a reputation for offering high quality, bespoke and cutting-edge products.

MManaging Director, Brian Reece, commented on the programme: “It’s shocking to see that patients in the UK and worldwide are put at such great a risk when going under surgery, but this only adds to further support the fact that UK products are highly superior and our strict quality guidelines ensure we constantly provide high quality instrumentation.

“Low cost and high profits should not be the main objective in manufacturing but good quality, safe products that lead to long-term savings due to their quality and reliability.”

RRecently awarded the ISO 13485 accreditation, SPM say they consistently deliver safe, effective and clinically excellent devices to healthcare providers across the world and believe their dedication to quality gives them their competitive edge.

An example of SPM's instruments


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