Biohit launches automated pipetting tool

14 April 2011

Biohit has launched a new type of tool for automated pipetting to meet the demand for automated liquid handling in laboratories.

 More efficient R&D and production processes are leading to increased liquid handling automation in many laboratories. Industrial laboratories in particular are moving away from handheld pipettes towards computer-controlled analysis systems and liquid handling equipment that makes use of robotics.

The new Biohit Roboline is a small, quiet and compact automated liquid handling instrument. Easy programmability and a fast drag-and-drop function make the tool easy to use and suitable for a wide range of laboratory applications.

The Roboline desktop pipetting instrument
The Roboline desktop pipetting instrument

The Roboline enables the user to simply automate a single work stage or a whole application. The robotic dispensing module guarantees that results are accurate and precise without the risk of human error. The instrument is particularly suitable for low and medium-throughput laboratories


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