Aloka unveils new ProSound ultrasound system to European market

22 Oct 2010

Aloka Holding Europe has launched its new flagship model, the ProSound F75 in the European market. It will be available from November.

The F75 system has been designed with Aloka's new ‘FIT’ ethos (facilitated workflow; investment return; true diagnostics) at its heart. The machine can be tailored to the needs of the clinician, simplifying the process for the clinician, and also reducing patient dependency and the time taken to conduct each assessment.

It has an intelligent ‘sound velocity’ adjustment that alters the frequency at which the signal is passed through tissue, enabling the system to be always operating at the optimal speed for different tissue densities.

The system has bespoke settings for obstetrics and gynaecology assessments (a patient’s age, weight and stage in pregnancy), and includes a new feature to simultaneously display stored and real-time images, which is a highly useful clinical tool during follow-up appointments.

The Aloka Prosound F75
The Aloka Prosound F75

Prof. Giuseppe Rizzo a ProSound F75 user from the department of obstetrics and gynaecology at the San Giovanni Calibita Hospital commented: "I was greatly impressed by the quality of this new ultrasound system from ALOKA, the ProSound F75. This premium ultrasound unit is exceptionally ergonomic and compact, and clinicians with no prior experience can be trained on all necessary functions for scanning extremely quickly and without any difficulties.

"B-Mode imaging is excellent in every condition, gestational age and type of patient, with extremely detailed foetal heart examinations - even in the early weeks. In addition, the eFlow+ technique is also superb and provides an excellent sensitivity, together with a high resolution, that ensures diagnostic confidence in first trimester foetal heart examinations."


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