Chromocyte launches online resource for flow cytometry researchers

2 August 2010

Chromocyte is an new online resource aimed at practitioners and suppliers in the field of flow cytometry and antibody-related techniques. It helps scientists design complex multi-parameter flow cytometry experiments and also identify and recommend a source for the reagents that are required for flow cytometry and other antibody-related experiments.

The resource is free to use for flow cytometry practitioners. Users simply enter relevant parameters and Chromocyte will calculate possible combinations of conjugated antibodies required and identify suppliers who offer the combination. Its unique search environment (‘Locate’) offers an intuitive interface for accessing information and products for a wide range of applications.

For suppliers, Chromocyte offers a unique opportunity to raise their profile in the competitive flow cytometry and antibody reagents markets.

Chromocyte founder and Chief Executive, Graham Pockley, who is also Professor of Immunobiology at the University of Sheffield, UK, commented, “We are committed to making Chromocyte the premier online resource for designing complex multi-parameter flow cytometry experiments and identifying and sourcing reagents for the widest range of experimental set-ups. We are also focussed on offering visibility and a valuable portal for those companies supplying the antibody reagents market in its broadest sense.”

The utility of Chromocyte is further enhanced by the inclusion of educational and communication environments which allow researchers to access training resources, share tips, troubleshoot online and keep abreast of all the latest developments in their field and suppliers to highlight their products and services.

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