Siemens Acuson P10 handheld ultrasound evaluated for range of clinical applications

17 December 2009

An evaluation of the Acuson P10 ultrasound system from Siemens Healthcare suggests that use of the handheld unit may reduce the number of people referred for full ultrasound examinations.

The evaluation was carried out by KCARE for the UK Centre for Evidence-based Purchasing (CEP), part of the Policy and Innovation Directorate of the NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency, now part of Buying Solutions.

The evaluation also highlights particular benefits in cardiology, obstetrics and emergency triage due to its portability.

The P10 is a unique handheld ultrasound system small enough to fit into a coat pocket and weighing just 700 grammes. Its versatility can expand the boundaries of ultrasound imaging as it enables examinations to take place at the patient’s bedside, in GP practices and in trauma situations.

The Siemens Acuson P10 pocket ultrasound systemIts role in cardiology could assist initial referral or assessment on ward rounds, providing basic information without the need to perform a full echocardiogram. Similarly, use in obstetrics could provide clinicians with quick information without the wait for a full ultrasound scan. Application in emergency situations could confirm ruptured aortas, assess cardiac motion or investigate free fluid at trauma scenes or in the A&E department.

“The P10 offers a low cost, portable solution to assist frontline health professionals,” states Declan Dunphy, Ultrasound Product Manager at Siemens Healthcare. “The portability of the P10 opens the door to wider application in the traditional hospital environment, extends into primary care settings and introduces a new imaging resource at frontline emergency incidents.”

The KCARE report includes feedback from UK users of the P10 who assessed its clinical suitability, cost effectiveness and likelihood of reducing referrals for a range of clinical applications. Responses were positive overall with 10 second start-up time, portability and reliability particularly well rated.


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