Acrobot and Finsbury Orthopaedics sign co-marketing agreement

5 October 2009

Acrobot, a developer of computer-assisted orthopaedic surgery products has announced a co-marketing arrangement with orthopaedic implants company, Finsbury. The agreement will see Finsbury and Acrobot closely working together to provide hospitals with a 'one-stop' package for precision navigated hip resurfacing.

The arrangement will see Acrobot placing Navigator, its precision surgical navigation system, alongside Finsbury's state of the art ADEPT hip resurfacing implant. Acrobot and Finsbury will provide a novel co-marketing proposition, which can provide access to Acrobot’s precision surgical systems to selected hospitals throughout the UK.

Acrobot Navigator enables orthopaedic surgeons to place the components used in hip resurfacing surgery more accurately. By ensuring the implant is positioned correctly, surgical outcomes can be improved because the implant lasts longer due to wear of the components, a major factor in the failure of orthopaedic surgery, being greatly reduced.

Graeme Brookes, CEO of Acrobot, said: “We are delighted to have secured this arrangement with Finsbury. This will allow us to manage our presence in the marketplace more effectively, ensuring we are able to provide Acrobot’s cutting edge technology to more surgeons. Finsbury have developed an excellent reputation for their high quality implants, and coupled with our surgical systems, we believe we can provide a highly desirable and competitive package.”

Mike Tuke CEO of Finsbury, added: “Acrobot have an excellent reputation for developing surgical systems which help surgeons to accurately position implant components, and coupled with our own implants and instruments, we believe this co-marketing agreement will ensure surgeons are able to provide their patients with the best possible care.”

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