BASi thermal laser technology speeds up spectrometer sample analysis

20 August 2009

BASi is offering clients in the US and Europe increased mass spectrometer sample analysis speed and quick turnaround with LDTD (laser diode thermal desorption) technology. Fast screening is combined with accurate quantification results, to benefit any bioanalytical studies.

LDTD technology is an innovative technique that introduces all samples into the mass spectrometer by a rapid laser thermal desorption process, where they are ionized by an atmospheric pressure chemical reaction (LDTD-APCI) and fully analyzed 10 to 20 times faster than with current LC-MS/MS systems — without compromising accuracy. LDTD is an ion source for mass spectrometry, working without any LC apparatus.

“BASi’s use of LDTD technology can reduce sample analysis time to a fraction previously required by LC-MS/MS,” said Tony Chilton, COO, Scientific Services. “With this new technology we will be able to provide our clients with another outstanding tool for sample analysis.”

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