Primal Pictures launches reference tool for interpreting radiology scans

10 April 2009

Anatomy software developer Primal Pictures has developed interactive software for teaching how to interpret radiological scans.

Developed in conjunction with Consultant Radiologist, Dr Muaaze Ahmad of Barts and the Royal London NHS Trust, Radiological Cross-Sectional Anatomy with Multidetector CT: Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis contains thousands of clear and accurate images, in an intuitive digital format, providing users with an invaluable aid to cross section anatomy, CT and MRI interpretation.

Users can view hundreds of clear and accurate 3D anatomy images of the thorax, abdomen and pelvis, whilst interactive functions will allow them to add and remove layers, rotate and label any structure with the click of a mouse. 

“Advances in scanning technology mean that we are now able to look at the body in more than one plane and we therefore need to be able to understand scans from more than one viewing perspective, so I contacted Primal with the idea of using their software to develop a training tool for radiologists,” explains Muaaze.

“The software enables users to select a region, modality, plane and contrast (for CT) and then to scroll through labelled cross sections and compare them with CT scans of the whole trunk, thorax, abdomen and pelvis, as well as MRI of the male and female pelvis. 

“Since we look at scans on computers and scroll through images on screen, it’s difficult to match up the images in text books to those that we are viewing,” explains Muaaze.

“I wanted something that would be available to us in a comparable format so that it would be possible to view identical images side-by-side and then check the anatomy using the Primal software. Users will be able to label any structure on either the cross section or the scans and follow through all the available slices using the scrolling function.”

Muaaze is delighted with the final product and believes that it will prove useful as a reference tool for radiologists and other clinical staff. He also stressed its importance as a tool not just for teaching radiology, but also for teaching in other fields such as oncology where the interpretation of scans is a key skill.

“We were conscious that the product’s interface needed to complement the packages already in use to interpret radiological scans in a clinical environment,” said Primal Pictures Managing Director, Peter Allan.

“The intuitive interactive functions on the DVD-Rom make it extremely user-friendly and it offers a quick and easy way of accessing images for presentations and lectures. Initial feedback has been extremely positive and this product looks set to become an indispensable learning and reference resource for anyone who needs to be able to identify anatomy in cross section on a CT or radiological scan.”

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