Salient Surgical Technologies launches flexible electronic surgical sealing device

27 September 2008

Salient Surgical Technologies, Inc. has introduced the Aquamantys malleable bipolar sealer with light (MBS). The MBS employs 'Transcollation' technology that uses radiofrequency energy to seal wounds and significantly reduce bleeding in hard-to-reach anatomy during joint-replacement surgery.

Reducing blood loss improves visualization for the surgeon, can result in improved clinical outcomes for the patient and may result in lower costs to the hospital.

The innovation of the MBS is a malleable shaft that allows surgeons to shape the device to help fit the particular surgical situation. The shaft also features a lighted tip to improve visibility. The MBS is used with the same Aquamantys System Generator as the Company’s standard 2.3 and 6.0 Bipolar Sealer devices.

“Our research and development group worked closely with our surgeon partners to design the MBS for tight surgical situations. We are delighted to offer this expansion of our product line, and hope it will be well received by both new and existing customers,” said Joe Army, CEO of Salient Surgical Technologies. “The MBS represents the first in a series of new product offerings we have planned for the near future.”

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