Nonin Medical launches wireless fingertip pulse oximeter with open standards

3 June 2008

Nonin Medical, Inc. has launched a wireless fingertip pulse oximeter to system integrators worldwide. The Onyx II, Model 9560 fingertip pulse oximeter enables patients to accurately monitor vital signs and remotely connect with their clinicians.

The Onyx II, Model 9560 fingertip pulse oximeterThe device combines Bluetooth wireless technology with the Onyx line of fingertip oximeters.

"We are extremely pleased with the tremendous response to this next generation of Onyx," said Kevin McGowan, Director of Business Development for Nonin Medical. "This breakthrough device is designed to be compatible with existing Nonin wireless products and emerging open standards like Continua, IEEE 11073 and Bluetooth's Health Device Profile (HDP)."

As one of the founding Members of the Continua Alliance, Nonin Medical promotes the use of open standards. The company says that the introduction of the Onyx II, 9560 signifies a major step in the development of interoperable, cross-industry standards to simplify the delivery of healthcare. Its next generation of Bluetooth-enabled monitoring devices — including the Onyx II, 9560 — are designed to be compatible with the soon-to-be released open standards.

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