Survey of medical device company business processes and practices

29 April 2008

FDAnews and Industry Directions Inc., in close association with research analysis partner Cambashi Ltd, are inviting medical device manufacturers to respond to a new survey on current industry challenges and practices. The survey asks about company objectives, business processes and practices, information systems and applications, and performance.

The research team is seeking responses from all companies in the medical device industry — of all sizes, all classes of devices, and in every geographic region. The initial online survey is open for industry response from now until early May. All responses will be aggregated to formulate report findings.

The results of this survey will be released at the Fifth Annual Medical Device Quality Congress June 25-27 in Cambridge, MA, USA, in a special session on the research, "Risk management: best practices for medical device profitability". This research ties in closely with this year's conference theme, "Leading the way to better performance with quality systems compliance".

The study findings will be used by medical device manufacturers and others serving the industry to improve their performance and reduce business risk. The study will assess and identify opportunities for streamlining practices so manufacturers can achieve quality and regulatory compliance while increasing profit and growth.

The online survey is available at:  or through  or .

The survey is open to medical device manufacturers of all sizes worldwide. All survey respondents will receive a copy of the public findings report when it is released.

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