WaveSense Europe launches Jazz glucose meter in UK

26 March 2008

WaveSense Europe launched the WaveSense Jazz blood glucose monitoring system at the 2008 Diabetes UK meeting in Glasgow this month. The blood glucose meter (BGM) is designed to help people with diabetes gain tighter control over their blood glucose levels.

In addition to requiring no code and having large backlit digits, the Jazz provides a glycemic variability value. Glycemic variability is a tool used to show how glucose changes over time and may allow the patient or their health care professional to better analyze high and low readings and take preventative action.

"I'm thrilled to bring our flagship product to the UK diabetes community," said Claudio Carboni, Managing Director of WaveSense Europe Ltd. "This market demands innovative, high accuracy, and high quality BGM products and I feel that WaveSense Jazz is well-positioned to advance the quality of diabetes care."

Jazz features WaveSense, a new technology that personalises each test to provide high accuracy. It detects and corrects for errors caused by different environmental conditions and blood samples.

"There's plenty of research showing the need for improved glucose control, especially for those on insulin," said Dave Conn, Chief Commercial Officer of WaveSense and former President and CEO of Hypoguard. "WaveSense technology finally gives those with diabetes the accurate glucose measurements they need to act with more confidence."

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