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Dräger introduces anaesthesia system for MRI environment

12 December 2007

Dräger Medical has introduced the Fabius MRI, its latest generation of  anaesthesia solutions designed specifically for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

The system is also suitable for other applications involving magnetic fields such as a cardiac catheterisation laboratory or proton therapy. The functionality is guaranteed for use on MRI systems of 1.5 and 3 Tesla.

That means that there is no mutual interference with an MRI system at these magnet strengths. An automatic acoustic distance detector for maximum proximity to an MRT system (40 mtesla ~ 400 gauss) helps to position the device.

The uniform operating concept of Dräger anaesthesia devices has also been built into the MRI anaesthesia workstation. The size of the MRI system usually requires the anaesthetists to be outside the room or some distance away from the device during an examination. Additional optical alarm displays (LEDs) at the top of the system actively contribute to patient safety in this specialised environment.

Differentiated ventilation modes (volume and pressure controlled, pressure support and SIMV) needed especially for care of premature infants, newborns, and ICU patients can be used in this environment.

The electrical ventilator allows controlled compliance compensation guaranteeing the necessary flow especially for low tidal volumes. Since longer ventilation tubes are often used in the MR environment, an electrical ventilator is particularly advantageous. Comparable to the standard OR devices, the newest anaesthesia solution also has holders for MR-compatible gas cylinders and an integrated country-specific multiple socket outlet.

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