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OmniGuide gains EU approval for flexible fibres for CO2 surgical lasers

5 August 2007

OmniGuide, Inc. has received the CE mark for its OmniGuide fibre delivery system for CO2 surgical lasers. This will make flexible fibre delivery of a CO2 laser for minimally invasive surgery available in Europe and other countries that accept the CE mark.

Until now, CO2 lasers have limited applications to invasive surgery due to the absence of a fibre delivery system at their wavelength of operation.

CO2 laser energy offers unparalleled precision and a high degree of control over penetration into soft tissue. These attributes are critical in otology, laryngology, head and neck surgery, and pulmonology procedures for which there is the potential to damage delicate untargeted structures.

"The CE Mark approval of our flexible fibre delivery system for CO2 lasers is a significant step forward for our surgical business," said Prof. Yoel Fink, OmniGuide Founder. "This is the next step in opening new opportunities through additional markets for the surgical product portfolio based on OmniGuide's CO2 fibre technology. The approval will allow OmniGuide to fully engage the surgical market in CE countries and drive new minimally invasive treatment modalities in multiple specialties."

Surgical cases will be performed initially by the Department of Otolaryngology at the CHUV Medical Centre in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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