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Aloka's ultrasound system available with Olympus gastrovideoscope

19 June 2007

Tokyo, Japan. Aloka Co Ltd has announced that its ProSound Alpha 10 ultrasound system is now compatible with the latest ultrasound gastrovideoscope manufactured by Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

The compatibility is expected to enhance ultrasound imaging performance as well as the ability to diagnose pancreatobiliary and biliary disorders and upper gastrointestinal tract disorders.

Two types of ultrasound endoscopes are now compatible with ProSound Alpha 10: the first is an electronic radial scanning echoendoscope offering 360° scanning angle, with its main purpose being the early detection of pancreatic and biliary lesions and diagnosing infiltration level of tumours in the stomach and the esophagus.

The second is an electronic convex scanning echoendoscope predominately used for ultrasound guided biopsies.

With this enhancement, the ultrasound transmission-driving system of the ProSound Alpha 10 is renewed and the innovative broadband harmonics technology results in significantly elevated imaging capability, supporting detailed observation of the lesions and higher level of diagnosis.

The new ultrasound gastrovideoscopes are compatible with Directional eFLOW (D-eFLOW), Aloka's new-generation blood flow display mode featured in the ProSound Alpha 10. The D-eFLOW function has an enhanced capability to depict fine vessels inside and around the tumour, and it is expected to greatly contribute to observation and diagnosis of the tissue.

Following the release in Japan, the cooperative sales force of Aloka and Olympus Medical Systems will market the endoscopic ultrasound system worldwide. Aloka forecasts sales of the ProSound Alpha 10 in the endoscopic ultrasound market in the first year to be 70 to 100 units per year (over 1,000 million yen sales volume).

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