Elekta acquires 3D Line Medical Systems

23 April 2007

Stockholm, Sweden. Swedish medical technology company Elekta (STO:EKTAB), has acquired Milan-based 3D Line Medical Systems S.r.l. The acquisition gives Elekta an R&D group specialized in stereotactic radiosurgery and dynamic IMRT treatments as well as a product portfolio of advanced equipment and treatment planning software systems for performing radiation therapy with extreme precision and optimized dose distribution.

Elekta will pay 10m in cash for assets in 3D Line Medical Systems (3D Line) related to radiation therapy and up to a maximum of 8m, based on future performance over the coming 3 years. Elekta expects to consolidate 3D Line into its accounts from May 1, 2007.

3D Line was founded in Italy in 1991 by the neurosurgeon Prof. Cesare Giorgi and three computer scientists Davide Casolino, Marco Luzzara and Enrico Ongania. The company has 35 employees and consultants, of whom most are based in Milan, Italy. Among the 3D Line technologies commercially available today, are the ERGO++, a specialized treatment planning system for stereotactic radiation therapy and dynamic IMRT and also the DYNART series of micro-sized multi leaf collimators. In 2006, 3D Line’s net sales totalled 6m.

“3D Line is one of the world’s most innovative and competent companies in supplying hardware and software for linear accelerator based stereotactic radiosurgery and dynamic IMRT treatment and we see a strong potential in becoming part of the Elekta Group, the pioneers of radiosurgery. The 3D Line development team, with strong experience in highly sophisticated dynamic treatments, will be able to further enhance Elekta’s product portfolio both through the current products and by the planned joint development,” commented the founders of 3D Line.

Already integrated in Elekta Axesse, a robotic image-guided stereotactic treatment management system from Elekta, 3D Line technology will form a platform for further integration and development to meet the demand from advanced radiation oncology programs for integrated, open architecture solutions for enhancing precision and accuracy in radiation therapy.

“3D Line’s current products as well as the R&D pipeline fit extremely well into the Elekta Group and the acquisition is an important step in the further advancement of radiation therapy,” says Tomas Puusepp, President and CEO of Elekta. “3D Line’s cutting-edge technology for dynamic beam shaping, arc treatment and stereotactic treatment planning is an excellent addition to Elekta’s world-leading solutions for advanced radiation therapy and with the increased global sales reach within Elekta, we will be able to exploit the increasing demand for these products,” Tomas Puusepp concludes.

Roberto Pellegrini, CEO of 3D Line Medical Systems, says: “The strong synergies between 3D Line and the Elekta Group both in radiation therapy and radiosurgery warrants a successful future of the whole team. The highly motivated and creative Italian spirit of 3D Line has always given rise to alternative and unsurpassed solutions; the combination with the high technology always promoted by Elekta has already started to generate unique solutions, to the benefits of physicians and patients all over the world,” Roberto Pellegrini concludes.

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