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Master patient index locates patient data from 100 million data sets in split second

4 April 2007

Walldorf, Germany. Hewlett-Packard tests of the ICW Master Patient Index using 100 million patient data sets in one database, combined with queries made by up to 1,000 concurrent users, resulted in response times of less than a second.

This weeklong test of the ICW Master Patient Index (ICW MPI) was conducted at the Hewlett-Packard European Performance and Benchmark Center in Böblingen, Germany.

A customer project required the ICW MPI to prove how quickly and reliably it could locate individual patient data from a large amount of information under extreme conditions.

Thomas Breig, Managing Director of Healthcare Sales HP Germany said: "We subjected the ICW MPI to an extensive load test at the HP European Performance Center. The software passed with flying colours, exceeding our expectations. The experts from ICW and HP were able to show how well the ICW MPI performs, as well as how stable and scaleable it is."

Alexander Ihls, Product Line Manager of ICW’s hospital connectivity solutions, summarizes the test week, saying: “We first saved 15
million, and then 100 million patient data sets in one database, and in both cases we achieved stable response times of less than a second. The test results prove that our solution is just as suitable for large hospital groups, as it is for the installation of
regional and nationwide networks.”

The ICW MPI is a component of the ICW hospital connectivity solution, which links existing but previously isolated hospital information systems without the need to replace the current software. It enables hospital doctors to access all medical
information on their patients that is available in the whole hospital group at any time.

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