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Tunstall celebrates 50 years in telecare

30 March, 2007

Tunstall is celebrating 50 years of providing healthcare solutions that support older people and those with long-term needs, by effectively managing health and well-being.

The company employs nearly 650 people in the UK from its world headquarters in Whitley Bridge near Doncaster, in Yorkshire and has 1150 staff in total, operating in over 30 countries worldwide, and helping to support over 2.5 million people.

Tunstall was founded in Askern, Doncaster in 1957, when it launched the Isoalarm, the first Good Neighbour Alert system, designed to raise an alarm for help via an illuminated exterior sign. Since then, the company has gone on to develop a range of advanced telecare and telehealth solutions.

By managing the risks to a person’s health and home environment, telecare and telehealth solutions can help reduce hospital admissions and the pressure on carers, by helping people to live independently, manage their own condition and improve their confidence.

Recent examples include a pioneering project launched with Leeds Primary Care Trust, which is using Tunstall’s telehealth technology to help monitor the vital signs of patients with long-term conditions such as COPD in their own homes, improving quality of life and reducing the number of hospital admissions.

James Buckley, CEO of Tunstall said: “The UK is leading the way in developing solutions which enable people to live independently by managing their own health and well-being. Telecare and telehealth technology has never been more timely and in demand.

“With the depth of technical, engineering and R&D expertise we have in Yorkshire, we will continue to develop new and innovative solutions to meet ever-evolving health and social care needs.”

Tunstall works with local authorities, social services, NHS organisations, housing associations, charities and public and private sector care providers to develop solutions which provide support and reassurance within the home and the workplace.

Barbara Sowerby, Care Link Manager at Wakefield and District Housing said: “We have worked alongside Tunstall for a number of years, providing older and vulnerable people in the local area with 24 hour reassurance and support. We will be helping Tunstall celebrate its 50th anniversary and look forward to continuing working together in the future.”

Tunstall is also the only UK founder member of the Continua Health Alliance, an open industry group that will establish interoperability standards for personal health products and services, enabling better healthcare for people worldwide.

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