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EaglePicher releases world’s smallest implantable medical battery

14 March 2007

Vancouver, Canada. EaglePicher Medical Power has launched what it claims is the smallest implantable-grade medical battery. The battery’s size and shape (cylindrical, 0.260" long x 0.090" diameter) enables a device so small that it can be deployed via a minimally-invasive catheter procedure rather than traditional implantation surgery. The device is presently undergoing clinical trials in Europe.

The company claims the Micro Battery is at least 50% smaller and lighter than known commercially available products. It is based on a proprietary new cell construction developed. Electrical capacity exceeds the original design objective by a factor of five with the result that it can theoretically power the device for more than 15 years. The Micro Battery will create new opportunities for device manufacturers in Neurological Catheters, Cardiovascular Monitoring, and Neural Prostheses (Retinal implants, Cochlear Implants).

“The performance of this battery is truly remarkable compared to anything on the market and is a testament to the innovation that has kept EaglePicher at the forefront of high-performance battery development for so many decades,” said Grant Farrell, VP & General Manager of EaglePicher Medical Power. “Manufacturers of implantable medical devices who want to miniaturize their product but have not been able to find a suitable power source now have an option due to the size and performance of the Micro Battery.”

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