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Cambio Healthcare Systems launches
in UK

11 March 2007

London, UK. Cambio Healthcare Systems, the largest healthcare administration software provider in Scandinavia, has set up office and won its first contract in the United Kingdom.

Its flagship Cambio COSMIC platform has been deployed by private healthcare supplier Capio.

Cambio was formed in Stockholm in 1993 and has become the largest healthcare management solution provider in the region. In Sweden, Cambio’s COSMIC platform is used to manage the healthcare of over one-third of the population. The company has also been successful in Denmark, where its technology is being used to manage the records of approximately 10% of the population. In addition, Cambio COSMIC is the basis on which the healthcare of all Faroe Islands citizens is managed.

“With our proven success in Sweden and other Nordic markets, we decided the time was right to enter the UK,” said Tomas Mora-Morrison, CEO of Cambio. “British health practitioners urgently need to better manage the ever more complex tasks associated with day-to-day patient care. We offer a compelling value proposition because we are the only European vendor with a proven track record, and we have delivered on the vision of sharing information across clinical boundaries, enabling significant advances in patient care.”

Morrison continued: “In the short-term, our business strategy is to be the preferred healthcare IT partner for private providers working with the public sector. In the long-term, we would also like to partner with public providers such as the NHS and Foundation Trusts.”

Capio Healthcare UK secured the largest NHS contract for Independent Sector Treatment Centres in 2004. It chose Cambio as their provider of electronic patient records (EPR) and patient administration systems (PAS). Capio implemented COSMIC in six newly built and three adapted treatment centres in the UK. Capio also introduced Cambio COSMIC to its acute hospitals in June 2006 and today the system is being used in four of these hospitals. The organisation plans to install Cambio COSMIC in 21 private hospitals by the end of 2007.

Capio’s Swedish arm is also using Cambio COSMIC. The Swedish organisation first implemented the system in 2004 and it is now used by 1,800 medical practitioners in Capio-run hospitals and clinics across the country.

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