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Siemens' Reinhardt awarded International Neurobionics Foundation prize

5 March 2007

Erich Reinhardt, member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG and president and CEO of Siemens Medical Solutions, has been awarded the International Neurobionics Award 2006 by the International Neurobionics Foundation.

The award, which includes a cash prize of 25,000, is for his work in medical imaging. Erich Reinhardt has said he would like to promote young scientists with his prize money.

The modern science of neurobionics connects neurosciences, biology and applied medical engineering to develop new medical procedures that re-establish destroyed nerve paths or nerve contacts after illnesses or accidents. The International Neurobionics Foundation provides financial and conceptual support to projects that help people who are blind, deaf or paralyzed to fully or partially regain their lost sense or mobility through the use of modern microchip implantation.

The foundation promotes groundbreaking work in the interdisciplinary field of neurobionics. Since 1998, it has also awarded outstanding pioneers and personalities of the various neurobionic disciplines with the International Neurobionics Award in the area of biomedical research and technology that serve for rehabilitation, implementation or restoration of neurological functions.

Erich R. Reinhardt has been honoured with the international award for his efforts in the area of imaging methods. According to Madjid Samii, President of the Senate of the International Neurobionics Foundation, without these activities the extraordinary recent successes in neurosurgery would not have been possible. Reinhardt accepted the award on behalf of Siemens Medical Solutions' work: "I am very happy about this award. It shows me that we are not only facilitating high-quality, patient-oriented medical care but also fostering research for future generations,” he said.

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