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Olympus endoscope offers true HD video with Sony medical recorder

14 December 2006

Weybridge, UK. Sony is to deliver 150 high definition (HD) medical recorders to leading endoscope manufacturer, Olympus.

Olympus’s new HD endoscopic camera unit combined with the Sony PDW-70MD medical recorder will offer true 1080i HD video recording and the first end-to-end, HD endoscopic workflow.

The landmark deal brings together two companies working at the forefront of HD medical imaging and creates a milestone in the ever more rapidly growing trend towards investment in HD in the healthcare industry.

David Dowe, Director of Sony Healthcare Europe, said: “Sony believes that high definition represents the future of diagnostic and surgical imaging. There is a clinical need for the dramatic increase in image clarity that HD provides. This deal signifies a complete shift change: medical practitioners are demanding the benefits of HD and we are responding to that challenge.”

Dowe added: “This significant and strategic investment in Sony HD technology signals that leading manufacturers like Olympus recognise that HD is the future. Sony has a long track record of leading development in HD technology in all fields. We are proud to be working on the important and inevitable transition from Standard Definition to HD in healthcare.”

A spokesperson for Olympus said: “Like Sony, we recognise the enormous benefit to patients of HD imaging and as such the Excera represents the highest standard of endoscope in the world. We needed to be sure that our technology partners could offer us with this level of image quality.”

The PDW-70MD, uses industry-standard MPEG-2 video compression. The recorder can store up to two hours of HD video on a single disc. Similar to the conventional consumer Blu-ray format, it has been adapted for professional use and delivers faster read/write speed and neutral formatting for increased flexibility. It features a robust polycarbonate casing for shock and dust protection.

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