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Xograph launches hospital air purification division

11 December 2006

Tetbury, UK. Xograph Healthcare has launched a Clean Air Systems division to address the growing concerns of airborne infections and viruses such as influenza in healthcare environments.

The products the division will market are based on patented multifunction-ion technology from Finnish technical partner Genano. These systems have been developed to remove particles as small as 0.001µm from the air including dust, mould, bacteria and viruses leading to a safer and healthier working environment.

In a medical institution this can assist in reducing airborne micro-organisms helping to eliminate the risk of infection in patients and staff. It is of particular use in operating theatres, waiting areas, special care baby units and pathology. Use of these products in intensive care or isolation wards in hospitals, where immuno-suppressed patients are at risk from airborne pathogens, is also thought to be highly beneficial.

Within the commercial environment, Clean Air units can complement air conditioning systems in offices and industrial facilities by aiding a reduction in airborne pollutants linked to workforce allergies and asthma. This assists in reducing sickness and absenteeism.

“The risk of airborne infections, viruses and pollutants in community facilities and medical institutions is on the rise. This is particularly heightened by shortages of flu vaccines, avian flu fears and a rise in immigration and correlating TB rates,” states Peter Staff, Managing Director of Xograph Healthcare. “A rapid response by healthcare institutions in implementing proven air cleansing technologies will greatly reduce the impact of threats.”

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