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NuGEN launches Ovation whole blood solution and RNA amplification system

7 December 2006

SAN CARLOS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NuGEN, Technologies, Inc., has announced the release of a modular amplification system for RNA from any source, and a modular solution for amplification of RNA isolated from whole blood, allowing analysis on the Affymetrix GeneChip without the need for globin reduction.

These products follow closely on NuGEN’s September launch of WT-Ovation Pico RNA Amplification System and the FL-Ovation™ cDNA Biotin Module V2, highlighting the rapidly growing market acceptance of the NuGEN Ovation System family of products as the gold standard for amplification and target preparation for differential expression analysis of small and difficult samples and high throughput applications.

The new Ovation RNA Amplification System V2 replaces the Ovation RNA Biotin Amplification and Labeling System when used in conjunction with FL-Ovation cDNA Biotin Module V2. The modular system offers flexibility, is especially well suited for automation, and yields micrograms of amplified cDNA in under 4 hours for qPCR and for fragmentation and labeling for microarray analysis.

NuGEN is also launching the Ovation WB Reagent for the Ovation Whole Blood Solution. This product is part of a solution that includes two other NuGEN products, enabling gene expression analysis of as little as 20 nanograms of whole blood RNA on GeneChip arrays in just one day, without the need for Globin reduction,. “The Whole Blood Solution enables amplification of small amounts of RNA from whole blood rapidly and cleanly,” said Garry Miyada, vice president of development at NuGEN. “The cDNA generated by this process is obtained with fewer sample manipulations than alternative approaches, and affords excellent results on GeneChip microarrays.”

“NuGEN continues to expand accessibility to increasing numbers of sample types for scientists carrying out differential gene expression research,” said Sue Pandey, vice president of commercial operations for NuGEN. “The launch of these products demonstrates our commitment to meet the challenges facing today’s discovery and clinical research laboratories in high throughput gene expression analysis.”

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