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Kodak and NDMA collaborate to support mammography screening in Europe

4 December 2006

Geneva & Berwyn, Pa., USA Eastman Kodak Company’s Health Group and National Digital Medical Archive, Inc. (NDMA) are collaborating on product-integration initiatives that support the European mammography market’s transition from analogue to digital imaging and information technology.

Kodak and NDMA will combine each other’s products and systems to create a family of solutions to better manage, archive and process medical images and information related to mammography screening. The products involved include:

  • KODAK CARESTREAM Information Management Solutions (IMS). These solutions, which are driven by the KODAK VIParchive software platform, combine software, hardware and professional services to enable the consolidation, control, continuity and access to all fixed archived content within a healthcare facility or among multiple healthcare facilities within a geographic region. With IMS, the right medical images and information are available to medical practitioners in the right place and at the right time.
  • Data and image management tools that NDMA will introduce. These comprise analytical tools required for quality assurance and compliance, as well as visualization tools dedicated to streamlining the often-complicated workflow processes involved with mammography.

“The solutions that evolve from integrating Kodak and NDMA products will enable healthcare facilities to collect, retrieve, store and distribute digital images and information on demand, thus helping enhance workflow efficiencies, increase revenue and improve patient care,” said Ian Marron, Director of eHealth, for Kodak’s Health Group in Europe, Africa & Middle East.

The collaboration will also introduce a Citizens Health Portal called myNDMA. This will provide patients with personal health record management tools to securely upload and store their digital medical images and electronic health records into a private website. The program allows patients to identify a service bureau to digitize mammography films; store prior mammograms from previous healthcare providers; locate digital imaging facilities; and link to healthcare provider records stored in myNDMA.

“The Citizens Health Portal enables women, who are undergoing screening mammography exams, to link to myNDMA and see that their studies are safely secured and manage the corresponding medical records in the personal file folders. More importantly, myNDMA ties a physician and patient together for the patient’s entire life, including self-populated family history and self-breast examination logs,” said Derek Danois, President, NDMA. “Building upon our successful track record worldwide, we are pleased to team with Kodak and support their commitment to mammography.”

“Our CARESTREAM Information Management Solutions coupled with NDMA’s solution-layer architecture, post-processing analytics and consumer health portal, provides a never-before seen approach to comprehensive mammography screening in healthcare,” Kodak’s Marron said. “The Kodak-NDMA association leverages the best of the best in technologies, allowing everyone in the healthcare continuum to access information on-demand. We are committed to interoperability, and pleased to be working together with NDMA in Europe to achieve our respective goals.”

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