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DMetrix, Inc. and Definiens AG sign partnership to develop automated digital pathology system

1 December 2006

Tucson, Ariz. & Munich, Germany. DMetrix, Inc., manufacturer of ultra-rapid, array-microscope digital imaging systems, has entered into a partnership with Definiens AG, an enterprise image intelligence company.

The aim of the partnership is to accelerate the development of a complete solution for automated digital pathology, involving the image capture-to-analysis process in drug discovery. The solution includes the DMetrix award-winning DX-40 array-microscope whole slide scanner that captures images of slides in less than one minute as well as the Definiens Enterprise Image Intelligence suite of products for a powerful, accurate and automated analysis of captured images.

While the pharmaceutical industry worldwide struggles with a shortage of pathologists, the volume of diagnostic testing for new drug development has expanded. This increase in workload has multiplied the need for innovations that improve productivity and testing accuracy. The DMetrix and Definiens partnership which combines both platforms provides the far-reaching results that the industry requires: a high throughput, ultra-rapid quantitative and objective tool for preclinical research to speed the development process for new therapeutics.

Rodger Brown, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at DMetrix, said, “The partnership with Definiens allows us to provide a comprehensive solution to customers wanting to take advantage of the conversion of raw digital pathological data into usable, well-defined scientific information. By combining the leading Enterprise Image Intelligence platform and DMetrix’s image capture instruments, we are providing an innovative system that will enhance and expedite the way preclinical studies are performed.”

“The partnership with DMetrix brings enormous value to our existing and future customers in the pharmaceutical industry by increasing their insight into images,” said Rene Hermes, Definiens Vice President of Marketing. “Definiens is committed to continuously bring its capabilities to market, providing organizations with complete solutions and expertise that support, accelerate and enhance all phases of the drug development lifecycle.”

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