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High-speed, high sensitivity camera for fluorescence imaging

13 July 2006

The new Nikon EMCCD Monochrome Digital Camera (DQC-FS) can capture exceptionally low-level fluorescence and TIRF images more easily than before.  The new DQC-FS achieves single-photon detection sensitivity typical of intensified or electron-bombarded CCDs but at a much lower cost. It also offers higher resolution than conventional intensified CCDs.

The new Nikon EMCCD monochrome digital camera (DQC-FS)The camera amplifies low-light-level signals above the CCD read noise by employing unique electron multiplying CCD technology. This makes it ideal for high speed and high sensitivity applications, such as molecular fluorescence, high speed calcium and live cell fluorescence protein imaging. The camera can also be used with LiveScan Swept Field Confocal systems and for micro spectroscopy.

Incorporating a back-illuminated frame transferred CCD, the camera produces a frame rate of 30 full frames per second at 10MHz, giving it the ability to record specimen data at high temporal frequency and high dynamic range using a 16-bit digitiser.

"Capturing images in low light situations has become increasingly important in many areas of research, and therefore the need for high quality digital imaging and functionality is growing. With this in mind, Nikon’s technical experts designed the novel DQC-FS to provide researchers with the most sophisticated and light-sensitive technology available for some of the most demanding digital imaging applications," said Chay Keogh, Nikon Instruments UK.

The DQC-FS has the added benefit of including Nikon’s new NIS-Elements F software. NIS-Elements incorporates advanced acquisition control of the DQC-FS, including changing the digitisation rate, full binning control, and full gain controls that allow users to utilise all of the camera's features. The software also features basic image capture capability for every Nikon automated microscope, as well as many third-party devices. Optional NIS-Elements AR software extends the quantitative analysis virtues of the DQC-FS camera.

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