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UK MRI scanning charity orders Ferrania imager

The UK medical charity the Cobalt Unit Appeal Fund has ordered a Ferrania UK LifeImager 6050, the most advanced model in the LifeImager 6000 Series family.

The imager 6050 uses film and paper consumables and has three magazines of consumables, of which any two are automatically available on line. Smartcard technology stores set-up data and departmental/user preferences. The imager is designed for use with CT, MRI, DR, CR, digital screening, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, image intensifier recording and other clinical applications.

Ian Wilson, Ferrania UK managing director, said: “We are delighted that Ferrania equipment will be contributing towards such an important cause. Regular scanning is vital for preventative purposes, as much as for use in treatment, and anything that makes the process quicker and easier has to be a good idea.”

The imager will be linked to a Philips GEMINI GXL PET/CT system. The Philips equipment offers seamless fusion of PET and CT images to optimise the information available to clinicians from a single scan. It also delivers full PET 3D acquisition and reconstruction and has a 190 cm scan length PET and CT to provide single-scan whole body imaging.

The Cheltenham-based Cobalt Unit Appeal Fund provides a charge-free MRI Scanning Service to patients throughout Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire in the West of England. It has been active for more than 30 years and played a major part with the NHS in establishing the Cheltenham Oncology Centre. As prime movers in establishing the Gloucestershire Breast Screening Service, it provides both equipment and accommodation from which the service operates.

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