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Digital mobile fluoroscopy system launched in UK

16 February 2006

Xograph Imaging Systems, the UK’s leading independent radiology equipment supplier, has announced the launch of the Ziehm Vision FD mobile digital C-arm fluoroscopy system to the UK hospital marketplace. It is the first fully digital C-arm currently available.

It is built to the same high standard, compact dimensions and mobile design as the other systems in the Ziehm Imaging range of mobile C-arms but features distortion free images from a digital flat panel detector.

The integrated a-Si flat panel detector is insensitive to magnetic fields, which makes it possible to work close to MRI sites or places where other strong magnetic fields are present such as radiotherapy units.

The system offers surgeons an unmatched dynamic range perfect for soft tissue and skeleton imaging in the same picture. This is particularly useful in interventional radiography, vascular, neuro, trauma and specialised orthopaedic surgery. The combination of fully-digital images in advanced applications such as in neurosurgery with navigation systems or Computer Aided Surgery (CAS) opens new horizons and possibilities with higher accuracy and image quality.

The Ziehm Vision FD was showcased in late 2005 at RSNA in Chicago and has already received its first international order. University Hospital in Leiden (LUMC) in Netherlands has ordered one unit that will be used for different interventional radiology procedures.

Neil Staff, Technical Director at Xograph Imaging Systems states, “The new Ziehm Vision FD is an exciting evolution for mobile C-arm imaging in the UK. Not only can the system be used in magnetic field affected environments traditionally incompatible with mobile image intensifiers, but the digital features offer higher accuracy and superior image quality aiding advanced clinical applications such as neurosurgery.”

The compact design and small footprint of the system provides outstanding mobility and can be easily manoeuvred by staff into position at the patient’s side.

It features a touch screen user interface on the monitor cart and mobile C-arm to guide clinical staff logically and effortlessly through each imaging procedure. The system is fully compatible with digital network integration including wireless LAN connectivity to HIS/RIS/PACS.

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