Germany medical technology companies
grow 2%

14 February 2006

Berlin, Germany. Some 210 member companies of the German medical technology association (BVMed) have recorded an increase in turnover of 2% for 2005, a slight improvement on last year’s figure. This was the result reported in BVMed’s turnover statistics for the whole of 2005. In 2004, turnover growth had been a mere 1.5%, said BVMed Director General Joachim M. Schmitt at the presentation of the association’s figures in Berlin.

The development of the medical technical aids sector was particularly disappointing. Ostomy and incontinence aids stagnated with a nominal turnover growth of only 0.2%, compared with the particularly bad year experienced by medtech aids in 2004. The bandaging sector even fell by 0.1%, compared to last year.

On the other hand, the development of other subsectors was slightly more positive: the category “single-use surgical equipment” rose by 2.8%. The growth in turnover in the “single-use devices, intensive care medicine, nursing items” sectors was some 4%. This rise in turnover, however, is mainly based on volume growth.

In BVMed’s opinion, a long-term reorientation in healthcare policy is needed, with increased competition elements, more freedom of choice for the medically-insured, and less regulation for companies, doctors and hospitals.

Source: BVMed

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