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Dräger Medical and Masimo Corporation introduce new pulse oximetry technology

30 November 2005

Lübeck, Germany. The Masimo SET SpO2 SmartPod pulse oximetry technology for Dräger Infinity patient monitors was unveiled at Medica 2005 mid November. The Infinity Masimo SET SpO2 Pod brings the advantages of Masimo’s latest pulse oximetry technology and sensors to Infinity patient monitors. Because Masimo Signal Extraction Technology (SET) is accurate during low perfusion and most types of patient movement — including shivering, combativeness, neonatal movement, and seizures — it can aid in eliminating false alarms and detecting true alarms

Dräger Medical currently offers customers Masimo pulse oximetry sensors for use with OxiSure, the Dräger Medical pulse oximetry algorithm. Under a new agreement between Masimo and Draeger Medical Systems, Inc., the Monitoring and IT business unit, Dräger Medical will now offer both Masimo sensors and Masimo SET technology for the entire line of Infinity patient monitors.

Marcus Aben, President & CEO of Draeger Medical Systems Inc., said, “We strive to offer our customers the best technology available. Masimo SET pulse Oximetry has achieved strong market acceptance and we feel this technology is an excellent choice for our customers wordwide – especially in high acuity monitoring situations. We have enjoyed a great relationship with Masimo and look forward to working with Masimo to continue to advance standards at the acute point of care.”

Joe E. Kiani, CEO of Masimo, said, “Dräger Medical is a world leader in patient monitoring, with a particularly strong position in operating rooms and intensive care units. Dräger Medical has built its excellent reputation based on providing solutions that customers are seeking. We are delighted to extend our partnership with Dräger Medical to advance the cause of improved patient care.”

The Masimo pod is not yet available in the US or Canada and is not yet CE marked in the EC.

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