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Siemens leads the way in molecular medicine, says Reinhardt

29 November 2005

Chicago, USA.  "Siemens is leading the way in developing and bringing to market healthcare innovations that will increase the quality of life," said Dr. Erich Reinhardt, President and CEO of Siemens Medical Solutions, at RSNA2005. "The future of healthcare relies on our ability to utilize technology to understand disease earlier, develop the best treatment plans, improve clinical workflow and decrease costs — and ultimately help patients enjoy longer and healthier lives."

Siemens has assumed a leadership role in the evolution of molecular medicine through the allocation of significant resources for research and development and its strategic partnerships. The recent acquisition of longtime partner CTI Molecular Imaging, Inc. marked a milestone in Siemens' quest to forge new paths in molecular medicine.

"Along with our customers, we see the future of healthcare in molecular medicine," said Reinhardt. "Our efforts in preclinical, clinical and biomarker solutions will help to drive the discovery of new methods for diagnosis and treatment of disease."

Molecular medicine is expected to assist physicians and researchers in the understanding of the root causes of disease, rather than simply managing the resulting conditions. Siemens is taking the lead in developing a comprehensive set of diagnostic tools that include molecular imaging techniques that will enable pre-symptomatic and early disease detection.

"We expect molecular imaging will lead not only to improved clinical outcomes, but also could initiate a dramatic shift in the delivery of healthcare from 'managing sickness' to a focus on maintaining wellness," said Michael Reitermann, president, Molecular Imaging Division, Siemens Medical Solutions.

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