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Siemens launches new generation of ultrasound systems

21 November 2005

Siemens presented a new generation of fully digital ultrasound systems, including the new Sonoline G40, at this year's Medica in Dusseldorf last week. The device features colour Doppler functionality, and intuitive user interfaces to support medical workflows.

The Siemens Sonoline G40 ultrasound systemThe universally compatible ultrasound systems in the Siemens G Series (Sonoline G20, G40, G50, G60S) are designed for applications in internal medicine, urology, vascular diagnostics, paediatrics and orthopaedics. The outstanding image quality and superb ergonomics delivered by these systems promote efficient healthcare processes in hospitals and doctor’s offices alike.

The fully digital architecture allows for seamless integration of innovative and technologically advanced imaging functions. All basic ultrasound systems by Siemens come equipped with a suite of high performance features, including multi-Hertz or multi-frequency imaging, the integrated Dimaq-IP workstation and a CD-R/W drive that allows for low-cost archiving of examination data. Dicom functionality allows the compact and portable systems to be connected to networks or PC-based workstations. In addition, two optional features are available: TGO tissue greyscale optimization and tissue harmonic imaging. The former automatically optimizes the greyscale imaging of tissue structures with the push of a button, while the latter improves images by providing greater contrast resolution and reducing image noise, particularly in patients that are difficult to examine ultrasonographically.

“Our ultrasound systems are innovative, digital platforms for demanding diagnostic procedures. They are also high performance systems, but despite this fact offer a solution for every budget,” noted Klaus Hambüchen, head of the Siemens Medical Solutions Ultrasound Division. “These devices are intended to meet the needs of large research institutions and hospital ultrasound departments, as well as clinics and private practices. Our solutions deliver outstanding image quality, optimize the efficiency of clinical workflows and feature ergonomic designs. Moreover, the open technologies that have been used throughout ensure that customers will be making a wise investment in a wholly future proof system.”

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