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Siemens launches low cost X-ray unit at Medica

17 November 2005

Siemens Medical Solutions showcased a new X-ray unit at Medica in Düsseldorf this week. The new unit gives high quality diagnostics for practices with limited budgets. Known as Multix Swing, the system is aimed at medical practices headed by radiologists, surgeons and orthopaedists.

Multix Swing is a compact, cost-effective X-ray unit with a broad range of diagnostic applications. The system is suitable for all routine exposures – in the recumbent, sitting or standing position – as well as all orthopedic questions, skeletal and thoracic as well as trauma and accident diagnostics.

The new system meets the frequently less than optimal space availabilities of private practices with a special solution: the generator is integrated into the table and does not require its own space. This integration also facilitates the unit’s installation: it usually does not take more than two to three days from system delivery to the first actual X-ray exposure.

For the price of a medium class car, the physician obtains an X-ray system that is cost-effective in its upkeep and multi-facetted in its application. A floating tabletop, a reciprocating grid as well as a dose measurement chamber are part of the delivery volume. The catapult Bucky is mechanically driven in the area of the table. This allows for easy examination of overweight patients as well. As an option, the Bucky wall stand Vertix Swing can be added to the system.

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