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Xograph’s dental imaging solution installed at BMI Chaucer Hospital

17 November 2005

Xograph Imaging Systems has installed a Planmeca Proline XC dental X-ray system into the BMI Chaucer Hospital in Canterbury, England. This is the first installation of Planmeca’s newest model into a UK Hospital.

A Ziehm Vision Mobile Image Intensifier has also been installed as part of the radiology upgrade. It was chosen after a trial unit demonstrated ease of use, compact size and quality images for use in theatre.

The system is designed to provide open and easy patient access, incorporates a triple laser beam for accurate alignment of reference anatomical landmarks, a motorised collimator and includes an intuitive Graphic User Interface for selection of program and parameters. Dose Area Product is also displayed in line with current guidelines. The Proline XC is a ‘digital ready’ system; it is film based in this instance but can be upgraded either for use with computed radiography (CR) or to direct digital (DR) imaging when required.

“The Proline XC dental X-ray system is an extremely good unit. It is easy-to-use and provides clear, sharp pictures,” said Jill Miller, Radiology Manager at BMI Chaucer Hospital. “Following the installation, the dental surgeons quickly expressed their delight at the improved quality of images.”

“With strong technical partnerships in place we can match a hospital’s need to our range of innovative products,” said Neil Staff Technical Director at Xograph Imaging Systems. “Ziehm mobile C-arms are very popular in UK hospitals and represent the forefront of X-ray, video and digital imaging technology, as well as mechanical excellence. The Planmeca range of CR and DR dental imaging units for hospitals offer easy patient positioning and exceptionally clear radiographs, it’s no wonder over 30,000 units have now been installed all over the world.”

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