Nanotechnology power source for implantable medical devices wins award

11 November 2005

Rochester N.Y., USA. Biophan Technologies has been awarded a "Best of the Best" award from Nanotech Briefs magazine in its first annual Nano 50 Awards contest to recognize superior scientific achievement and innovation.

Biophan is being recognized for an innovative nanomaterial-based biothermal power source being developed by Biophan subsidiary TE-Bio. The biothermal power source converts body heat into electricity to power implantable medical devices.

The award ceremony will take place at an awards dinner during the NASA Tech Briefs Nano 2005 conference November 10-11, to be held at the Marriot Boston Newton in Newton, MA.

"Biophan's research includes cutting-edge development in biomedical applications of nanotechnology," said Mr. Weiner. "The Nano 50 "Best of the Best" award recognizes one of our important development programs. We believe the Company will continue to demonstrate leadership in other market segments, such as MRI imaging and drug-delivery systems, through our nanotechnology-based solutions."

Biophan's TE-Bio subsidiary has an agreement with NASA for characterization and joint development of high-density, thermoelectric nanomaterials for use with implantable medical devices. Research is being jointly conducted by Biophan and NASA personnel at the NASA Ames Research Center for Nanotechnology in Moffett Field, CA.

The nominations for the Nano 50 were judged by a panel of nanotechnology and MEMS experts. The technologies, products, and innovators receiving the 50 highest scores were named winners of the Nano 50 "Best of the Best" awards. Presented by Nanotech Briefs magazine, a digital publication from the publishers of NASA Tech Briefs, the Nano 50 recognizes the top 50 technologies, products, and innovators that have significantly impacted, or are expected to impact, the state-of-the-art in nanotechnology.


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