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Point-of-care I.V. medication management solution launched by Cerner and Hospira

4 November 2005

Kansas City, Mo. and Lake Forest, Ill., USA. Cerner Corp. and Hospira, Inc. have announced a new medication management solution designed to help prevent intravenous (I.V.) medication errors where they occur the most, at the bedside.

It integrates the Hospira MedNet system with the Cerner CareGuard system. Hospira MedNet is a customizable software system that allows hospitals to define dose limits and track infusions to help prevent I.V. medication errors. Cerner's CareGuard solution, the company's bar code point-of-care (BPOC) system, connects bedside medical devices into the care process, checking for the proper patient, proper medication dose and other factors, allowing clinicians to make the best care choices possible.

Using wireless technology to connect Hospira's I.V. infusion devices with Cerner's BPOC system, the solution can eliminate the need for caregivers to manually enter medications, doses and infusion rates, thereby reducing opportunities for clinical errors.

"Our partnership with Cerner has resulted in a state-of-the-art solution for hospitals looking to leverage BPOC systems to enhance the delivery of I.V. medications," said John Arnott, senior vice president, Global Commercial Operations, Hospira. "It will further demonstrate the interoperability of Hospira MedNet with other hospital technology solutions, providing more options to enhance patient safety, clinical management and caregiver effectiveness."

BPOC systems are designed to help prevent I.V. medication delivery errors at the bedside by ensuring the "five rights" of medication administration — right drug, right patient, right dose, right time and right route of administration. By integrating Hospira MedNet with the CareGuard system, the solution will help further reduce I.V. medication delivery errors and improve clinical outcomes by incorporating five-rights verification into the infusion device programming process.

Wireless communications modules integrated in Hospira infusion systems provide communication with Cerner's CareGuard solution. Through this integration, a clinician can now scan bar codes on his or her ID badge, the patient ID band, the medication and the infusion pump using a handheld device with a bar code reader. The system then incorporates five-rights verification into the infusion device programming process by also matching the pump with the patient. Next, Hospira MedNet software compares the infusion order against the hospital's best practice guidelines — closing a critical gap in safe I.V. medication delivery. Once the software confirms that the pump programming matches the patient order information, the pump may be auto-programmed to administer the medication appropriately. All infusion activity is electronically documented, supporting hospitals' electronic medical record initiatives and providing actionable feedback.

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