Dräger Medical receives Frost & Sullivan leadership award

24 September 2005

London, UK. Dräger Medical has received the 2005 Frost & Sullivan Brand Development Strategy Leadership Award for the European anaesthesia and respiratory equipment market. The award recognizes Dräger Medical's ability "to best perceive consumer needs and develop marketing strategies that elevate Dräger's quality, style, and image to create an overall value perception. Through a unique combination of product quality, communication and distribution, Dräger Medical has demonstrated superior market growth skills".

In 2004, the company increased its global net sales by around 11.2% to over 1,020 million. Underlining its strong competitive performance, Dräger Medical has consistently outpaced the market with a long-term annual average growth rate of around 8%. Moreover, it increased its EBIT from 9.1 million in 2000 to 94.2 million in 2004, marking the first four years of its business turn-around.

Currently, Dräger Medical is structured into the following "CareArea™ Solutions" — emergency care, perioperative care, critical care, perinatal care and home care. The company's acquisition of the American-based Air-Shields warming therapy product line in July 2004, further testifies to its dedication to acute care.

To select the recipient, the Frost & Sullivan research team tracks all the major participants in the industry, paying close attention to their brand development efforts. This process includes interviews with the market participants, customers, and suppliers. The companies' brand development efforts are then analyzed based on the number of participants, competing brands and the brands' recognition among its peers and consumers. Industry participants are then ranked based on the predetermined measurement criteria such as market penetration and market share growth in existing market segments, development of unique brand strategies and increased customer loyalty.

"Dräger Medical's mission is to 'evolutionise' the acute point of care by providing state-of-the-art products and integrated solutions. These help customers reduce clinical process costs and improve efficiency while increasing the quality of patient care," said Mandy Hartman, Vice President, of Corporate Marketing and Communications for Dräger Medical. "To be formally recognized for our work is proof that Dräger Medical is changing the healthcare environment by offering innovative technologies and leading expertise."

"The products and solutions provided are based on its commitment to innovation, so customers continue to benefit from leading-edge technologies. Excellence in global business processes has, moreover, underpinned the company's efforts to achieve a benchmark cost position in the industry," comments Frost & Sullivan Healthcare Analyst Dr. Fiona Rahman.

Source: Frost & Sullivan

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