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Toshiba to supply five 64-slice CT scanners to BMI Healthcare

25 August 2005

London, UK. BMI Healthcare has ordered five state-of-the-art Aquilion 64-slice CT scanners from Toshiba in a deal worth £7.5m. The machines will be installed in five of the company's hospitals in England from August 2005, the first being at The Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle. The company has 49 acute care private patient hospitals around the United Kingdom, with over 2,400 beds.

The scanners produce highly detailed volume and three-dimensional images, allowing more accurate and speedy diagnoses than the widely used, single- and early multi-slice scanners.

"We are proud of Toshiba's association with BMI Healthcare and are sure that its patients will gain enormous benefit from installing the 64-slice CT scanners. The scanners have already helped organisations like BMI and its hospitals set new health care standards by providing unmatched image quality through the use of the industry's only true isotropic technology for volumetric cardiovascular and radiology studies," said Karsten Iversen, managing director, Toshiba Medical Systems UK. "The Aquilion 64-slice CT enables high-speed, high-resolution imaging with the lowest noise and the best anatomical coverage. The result is absolutely precise isotropic imaging of any region of the body and our users capture and see more anatomical information than previously thought possible."

The new technology also reduces the time taken to complete a CT scan from minutes to seconds. Diana VanLoon, diagnostic and imaging manager at The Alexandra Hospital said, "The new systems have the kind of speed and image quality that is especially useful when scanning regions of the body containing moving organs. This will prove invaluable to BMI Healthcare in clinical areas such as cardiology, neurology, and angiography. The equipment will also aid in stroke assessment and improving critical and trauma care through increased acquisition speeds and faster reconstruction capabilities."

With significantly higher scanning speeds, 64-slice CT scanners minimise discomfort for patients, who no longer have to hold their breath or remain completely still for long periods. This faster scanning means that more patients, for example children and the severely ill, can benefit from CT scans.

"Patients will benefit from the quicker diagnoses that result from images of significantly higher quality, achieving the most effective treatment planning," continued VanLoon.

Ian Smith, chief executive of BMI Healthcare, said "We are pleased to be bringing this exciting and advanced technology to patients around the country. By leading the way in diagnostic imaging we are enhancing the high quality of care already delivered to our private patients. This technology can be used on just about anyone and is an indication of our commitment to offer the best service to our patients."

The 64-slice CT scanners will be installed in the following BMI Healthcare hospitals in 2005:

  • The Alexandra Hospital, Cheadle
  • The Bath Clinic, Bath
  • The Blackheath Hospital, Blackheath (London)
  • The Meriden Hospital, Coventry (to be opened Autumn 2005)
  • The Priory Hospital, Birmingham

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