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UK and Ireland hospitals can get imaging equipment for no capital outlay

23 August 2005

Hospitals in the UK and the Republic of Ireland will be able to get the latest medical imaging equipment without the need for an initial capital outlay. This is as a result of a new finance solution launched by Xograph Imaging Systems in partnership with Singer & Friedlander Healthcare.

Xograph Healthcare Finance is an innovative capital finance solution that enables hospitals to acquire new imaging equipment for a low monthly cost. With no ownership, no capital outlay is required.
It is a bespoke scheme tailor-made to every individual situation. It also allows servicing to be added into the cost of the package and provides the flexibility to exchange or upgrade the equipment should clinical decisions make it necessary.

Examples of Xograph Healthcare Finance are:

  • ‘Promax’ Direct Digital Panoramic Imaging System from £590 + VAT per month
  • ‘Ziehm Vision’ Mobile surgical C-Arm from £1170 + VAT per month
  • ‘buckyStar’ DR General X-ray System from £3020 + VAT per month.

“Capital outlay can often be the primary barrier to embracing innovative technologies or going digital,” said Peter Staff, Managing Director. “We hope that this flexible finance solution will help remove many of the stumbling blocks commonly associated with upgrading technology.”


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