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Zonare releases first upgrade to z.one ultrasound system

19 August 2005

Mountain View, Calif., USA. Four months after releasing its z.one ultrasound system onto the market, Zonare Medical Systems, Inc., has released its first major upgrade. The new release features advancements in 2D imaging, colour and power Doppler performance, Dual Screen imaging and significant additions to network connectivity. One of the first commercial upgrades was downloaded via the internet at Mercy Hospital in Chicago.

The z.one system is based on the company's proprietary Zone Sonography technology, which it says gives high image quality on a flexible platform. It can be converted from a cart-based system into a compact portable system with the performance of substantially larger and more expensive units yet.

The Zone Sonography technology includes a fundamentally new approach to data acquisition and image formation. The system acquires data quickly in relatively few large zones rather than many narrow lines, allowing more rapid image storage, processing and display. In conventional ultrasound systems, each line is formed by summing together the contributions of all the channels in the transducer. As soon as each line is formed, the original channel data are discarded. The z.one system aggregates the original channel data and stores this information in Channel Domain Memory. All of the echo information is then utilized in Channel Domain processing to form the image and to provide greater options for image post processing by retaining all of the original raw data.

Experts at PRI believe this technology could lead to greater diagnostic confidence. “Since we now are able to retain all the raw echo data, we could realize enormous advances in reviewing ultrasound data and enhancing diagnostic outcomes,” said Martin Masel, Director of Imaging for PRI. “Prior to this, we haven’t been able to access all of this data because a portion of the echo information is discarded when using conventional ultrasound. Zone Sonography technology could provide the key to more accurate post analysis and lead to greater diagnostic confidence. Coupled with the ability to convert to a premium compact system, the z.one unit offers us both a powerful economic and clinical value.”

Zonare began commercial shipments or the z.one system in the first quarter of 2005. Numerous radiology, vascular, interventional, emergency, and other medical imaging facilities have installed the system to date. "We believe Zonare's singular focus on ultrasound and introduction of Zone Sonography technology will result in a rapid succession of clinical ultrasound advancements," said Donald Southard, president and CEO of Zonare. "Releasing this significant upgrade in such a short time after our first commercial shipments is testimony to the power of the z.one platform's highly upgradeable
architecture. We are dedicated to bringing innovation back to ultrasound combining significant clinical and workflow solutions with outstanding economic value, protecting our customers' investment today and in the future."

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