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Siemens expands Symbia SPECT-CT range

21 June 2005

Toronto, Canada. Siemens Medical Solutions has introduced a new model, the Symbia S to its family of TruePoint SPECT-CT (single-photon emission computed tomography and computed tomography) systems at the 2005 Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM) Scientific Sessions, held June 18-22 in Toronto, Canada.

The Symbia S, a SPECT-only offering, provides a simple solution enabling medical facilities an entry to the molecular imaging environment, with the option to upgrade to a range of attenuation correction, anatomical mapping, and CT options at a later date. The system's high-definition dynamic digital detectors (HD), Flash 3D technology, workflow automation feature, and user-friendly design allow for integration into a variety of clinical settings.

"As molecular imaging progresses, the need to expand SPECT capabilities is becoming more prevalent," said Michael Reitermann, president, Molecular Imaging division, Siemens Medical Solutions. "With Symbia S, we created a system to help facilities not only address their current clinical needs, but to begin preparing for the future. While the new system upholds the high performance standards characteristic of our Symbia SPECT-CT product family, its upgradeable platform opens the door to the most advanced applications available today and expected tomorrow."

Symbia S serves a broad range of applications, including general nuclear medicine, oncology, cardiology, and neurology studies that provide for a more accurate rapid diagnosis of disease states. Its user-friendly design, which features a new type of detector motion, increases patient comfort and provides easy access for patients, whether ambulatory, in wheelchairs, or on stretchers. In addition, faster set-up times result in increased workflow and higher patient throughput.

Symbia S offers a total integrated solution. While the system's HD technology offers unsurpassed count rate, image quality, and reliability to enhance diagnostic confidence, its AUTOFORM automatic body contouring system keeps detectors close to the body, providing for high uniformity and precise angulations. In addition, Flash 3D offers three-dimensional collimator beam modeling and iterative reconstruction that dramatically improves image quality, contrast resolution, and lesion detection compared to conventional SPECT reconstruction techniques. The integration of syngo, Siemens' unique e.soft software platform, into the Symbia operating system provides a common, intuitive user interface and enables easy access to patient data.

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