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Siemens brings first 3 Tesla MRI system with Tim technology to market

24 April 2005

Siemens Medical Solutions has announced the availability of the Magnetom Trio magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system with total imaging matrix (Tim) technology. With its unmatched speed, advanced image detail, scanning flexibility and power, the system is the first capable of 3 Tesla (3T) whole-body MRI available with Tim. NYU Medical Center was the first facility to install the system on 1 April 2005.

"Since its introduction, the Magnetom Trio has established itself as the logical next step in the evolution of clinical MRI," said Nancy Gillen, vice president, MR Division, Siemens Medical Solutions. "Siemens has continually led the way in the development of 3T technology. Now, with the inclusion of Tim's innovative radio-frequency (RF) system and matrix coil concept, the system represents the future of MR with even greater resolution and better image quality in less time."

With up to 32 receiver channels and Parallel Acquisition Technique (PAT) factors of up to 16, Magnetom Trio with Tim can provide images faster than any other 3T on the market today. Equipped with Siemens syngo user interface, the Trio is compatible with other MRI systems, diagnostic modalities and hospital information systems, giving healthcare professionals comprehensive background and details of a patient's condition.

"The MAGNETOM Trio with Tim will propel the applications of 3T technology, creating a new level of excellence in imaging throughout the entire body," said Dr. Robert Grossman, Louis Marx Professor of Radiology and Chairman, NYU School of Medicine. "The results from this will certainly improve our detection and understanding of pathology, and will provide clinicians with the highest quality MR performance available."

Suited for clinical and research MRI of all organs and body regions, the MAGNETOM Trio with Tim opens new doors to applications, including abdominal, cardiac, spine, whole-body and orthopedic MRI at 3T. Offering iPAT (integrated Parallel Acquisition Techniques), the industry's only complete high-speed Parallel Imaging package, Trio with Tim is the first generation of 3T whole-body systems that addresses potential challenges common with other 3T systems, but without image quality compromises.

Tim is the first seamless, whole body surface coil design that combines up to 102 seamlessly integrated coil elements with up to 32 RF Channels, opening the door to the most advanced clinical applications available today. Tim technology enables flexible coil combinations to encompass local high resolution imaging to large anatomical coverage up to 182 cm (6'0"), while other systems require the radiologist to change coils and reposition the patient three times for a whole body MRI procedure. As a result of Tim, image quality is increased by up to 100 percent by a higher signal-to-noise ratio(1) (SNR), and acquisition times are shortened.

The MAGNETOM Trio joins Siemens constantly growing line of Tim products, including the MAGNETOM Espree, the world's only Open Bore 1.5T MR system, and the MAGNETOM Avanto, the first 1.5T MR system to incorporate Tim technology.


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