Kontron adopts PC-Doctor Network Factory 5 diagnostics software


10 April 2005. Taipei, Taiwan (PRWEB). PC-Doctor Inc. a leading global developer of hardware diagnostic and system information tools, announced that Kontron America , a part of the Kontron AG group has adopted the newly introduced PC-Doctor Network Factory 5 software to be used in its manufacturing and service organizations.

Kontron is one of the world's largest suppliers of embedded computer technology to the communications, automation, mobile, medical, military, aerospace, test and measurement, and encryption security markets. The three-year agreement for the software represents an expansion of the manufacturer’s relationship with PC-Doctor.

“Kontron’s innovative PC-based products push beyond the boundaries of the traditional PC market into fields where customers have strict expectations for reliability,” said Aki Korhonen, president of PC-Doctor. “As a long-standing user of our diagnostics, Kontron understands how the common diagnostics core of PC-Doctor software contributes to both higher quality products and lower costs through reductions in Out of Box Failures and No Trouble Found warranty returns.”

Kontron’s initial use of the software is to test PC-based systems manufactured for a leading vendor of intrusion detection systems.

“PC-Doctor has provided us with terrific support through the years, which made the decision to migrate to the new PC-Doctor Network Factory 5 easy,” said Michael Fish, Kontron’s director of manufacturing. “Not only do they understand our technical needs, but they are quick to respond and willing to adapt as those needs change.”

“Our migration to Network Factory 5 represents an opportunity to reap even more benefits from the diagnostic software, particularly as it relates to the new software’s data collection capabilities,” he added.

PC-Doctor Network Factory 5 is a networked diagnostic test system with centralized management and database results storage. Unveiled at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco last month, the new software is used by manufacturers, repair centers and many other customers to reduce costs, improve productivity and enhance product quality.

The software consists of four major elements: server software, an SQL-compliant database, Unit Under Test (UUT) software and the Monitoring Console.

Designed for Intel-based systems that run Microsoft Windows or Linux in a networked environment, Network Factory 5 software tests all critical hardware components used to manufacture PC-based systems such as microprocessor, memory, interfaces, audio and video processors, and storage devices. Network Factory 5 scales from small manufacturing operations to volume factories that test hundreds of systems simultaneously. Each Network Factory 5 test generates diagnostic and general system data that can be stored in the included SQL-compliant database or in a commercially available database from Microsoft, Oracle and others. Manufacturing and service organizations can use the database to analyze reliability and failure trends for systems and components.



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