Midmark Diagnostics recognised for leadership in patient monitoring
diagnostic devices

6 April, 2005

PALO ALTO, Calif. USA. Frost & Sullivan has named Midmark Diagnostics Group as the recipient of the 2005 Competitive Strategy Leadership of the Year Award for its innovative and trend-setting strategies that have enabled the company to gain a competitive edge over its peers in the patient monitoring diagnostic devices industry.

With rising costs, staff shortages, and escalating patient volumes, the ability to accurately and efficiently facilitate patient-centric information has become increasingly challenging. Midmark Diagnostics is using its operational strategy to close the gap between such information disparities.

"Midmark not only strives to consistently improve device quality but also pursues partnership strategies for value-added clinical integration, which removes the communication barriers among clinicians and improves departmental workflow," says Frost & Sullivan industry manager Vivek Subramany.

Partnering with over 80 electronic medical record (EMR) vendors, Midmark moves beyond interfacing and places greater emphasis on the ability to integrate and facilitate information transfer on a continual basis. Such a strategy has enabled the company to remain several notches above its peers in the patient monitoring diagnostics devices industry.

"We are thrilled to be recognized by a world-renowned and prestigious organization such as Frost & Sullivan," said George Stickel, president of Midmark Diagnostics. "This award adds independent accreditation to our already strong belief that efficient diagnostic devices must be able to seamlessly integrate into the electronic medical record."

In order to achieve seamless and easy-to-use information flow, Midmark embeds its diagnostic measurement devices directly into the partners' inpatient/outpatient EMR applications.

"In one such partnership, Midmark embedded its diagnostic devices with Misys Healthcare Systems' EMR solution, enabling physicians to view and diagnose results from Spirometers, Holter tests, and ECG with minimal difficulty," observes Subramany.

In the future, PC-based ECG is expected to become extremely popular as hospitals and clinicians turn to one-source capabilities for data management.

"In this regard, Midmark is poised for success as its key value proposition is the ability to access data at a single source, rather than switching between disparate multi-party systems," says Subramany. "This not only saves time, labour, and costs, but will also substantially enhance the quality of patient care delivery."

Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that leverages its competitive strategy to increase market share and move to the forefront of its industry. The award recipient also utilises market changes to introduce new and unique methods of capturing and strengthening market presence.


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